Tourist Places Near Nagpur, The City of Oranges

Tourist places near Nagpur, the city of oranges, may also be considered and regarded as tourist places in Nagpur or tourist places within Nagpur. Nagpur is a city located in the state of Maharashtra and is famous for multiple tourist attractions, sites and spots. Some of the many interesting places and sites in the city of oranges, as it is often called by many, are mentioned below :


Adasa is situated at a space of around forty five kilometres from the city and is a tiny village with a wide range of old and splendid temples. This village is also house to a famous temple of Lord Ganesha that is worth seeing and enjoying. A single stone serves the purpose of the simulacrum and effigy of the lord.

It has been established to carry forward and further the comfortable and pleasing reverence offerings of the followers and worshippers of Lord Ganesha. Multiple tourist and travel buses from the city of oranges drop the visitors here and continue their services on a daily basis. So it is easy to visit and enjoy.

Highland Park

Highland Park is an entertainment and recreational park that is located at a distance of about fifteen kilometres from the city and is placed on the Nagpur-Amravati Road. The park is enclosed all around by a scenic background and greenery. It is one of the largest water recreational and entertainment parks in Central Asia.

People of all ages are seen hanging and chilling out here, and it has a lot to offer to everyone. The park also boasts of having outside sports facilities and activities for visitors like go-karting, rock climbing, archery, cricket zone and paint ball.

The area is full of playful and sporty activities that keep the youth thoroughly busy and engaged. Serving as the apt place and picnic spot for everybody, Highland Park also operates enjoyable and fun rides like the Striking Cars, Dragon Coasters and the Giant Wheel on a regular basis.

Also, the Water Park of this entertainment and recreational park is as good as the water parks in the city of dreams called Mumbai. With awesome attractions like the forty five feet high water rides, largest wave pool and rain dance, the park pulls huge number of crowds like a magnet and ensures that everyone is seen playing around and swimming in the water.

It also sees the children and adults moving down the water slides and splashing the water after being dropped into it. Apart from all these, the park also contains mini-rides for the tiny tots and a kidsland for the children.

The Highland Park remains open for the public from ten in the mornings to seven in the evenings on a daily basis and has entrance charges of Rs. One Hundred and Seventy Five per person.

Ambazari Lake and Garden

The Ambazari Lake and Garden is a picnic site for all the tourists, visitors and travellers of the city. It is generally occupied by the citizens and people in the evenings and weekends. They can enjoy the magnificent boat rides of the lake and dwell in the memories of the same for a long time to come.

The lake has a garden, nearby, which is generally considered an entertainment and recreational garden and is a perfect hanging-out destination for the kids and adults.

This theme garden has a euphonic jet spring structure that ascends and falls, thereby leading to the display of a stunning and charming combination of water and music. This is very pleasing and delighful and leaves the audiences spellbound.

The kids and adults can also enjoy the park and mini train rides. The park’s gigantic dionsaur construction at the entryway does not fail to amaze anybody and leaves the kids with a gaping mouth.


Nagardhan is a place near Nagpur, which has a fort that is believed to have been built by the Bhonsales. It is a place that has been blessed with a lot of plants and wild animals.

It has a wildlife park that lies within the beautiful and gorgeous surroundings and environment of nature which are a consonant and compatible blend of water bodies, streams and lush greeneries. The wildlife park is house to some wild animals like the Sambars, the Gaurs and the Deers.

Futala Lake

Futala Lake is a very old lake situated in Nagpur and goes back many years ago. It has a lot of historic significance and is a popular hanging-out and relaxing destination near the city. It is visited many number of times by the local people all around the year.

The lake was, in the olden days, known for its vivid jet water springs and pleasing and magical ambience and surroundings. It is said that the lake is visited by a little more than one thousand visitors on a daily basis.

Diksha Bhumi

Diksha Bhumi is a renowned and famous spiritual and sacred Buddhist memorial and structure and is placed in the city of oranges. It was at this site that Dr. BR Ambedkar began transforming scores of dalits into the religion and faith of Buddhism. The Stupa deserves to be enjoyed and treasured due to its sculptural brilliance and dazzling architectural design.

It can house more than five thousand people at a time and is constructed from the stones, arenaceous rocks and plutonic rocks of Dhaulpur. This huge architectural structure is about one hundred and twenty feet tall and is the tourist pride of the entire city.

Telankadi Lake

Yet another stunning and scenic picnic spot for the public and the tourists, the Telankadi Lake is a place to unwind and is situated in a beautiful and gorgeous location towards the outer sections of the city.

It has dazzling and sensational cushy, delicate and arenaceous lake slopes and a children’s park, making it one of the most suitable places for spending a nice time and enjoyable holiday.

This stunning garden has large spaced trekking routes and paths. The slopes of the lake contain recreational and entertainment grounds for the kids.

A capturing and enticing acquarium is also situated near this lake and displays many different kinds of fishes to the visitors. This acquarium is more popular among the kids.

Seminary Hill

The Seminary Hill is situated and lies at a space of about six kilometres towards the west of the old Nagpur city. This hill is visited and enjoyed by many tourists and locals who get striking and fascinating eye-shots of the entire city from here.

Nawegaon Dam

The Nawegoan Dam is the most famed, illustrious, notable, celebrated and favorite forest resort of the region of Nagpur and offers its visitors and tourists with taking part in many adventurous and sporty activities. It also has a deer park located nearby, which is called Dr Salim Ali’s Bird Sanctuary.

The sanctuary boasts of a children’s garden and some very gripping, riveting and stunningly absorbing parks. The dam is situated at a distance of about one hundred and forty two kilometres from the city and is a famous tourist attraction.

Gandhi Sagar Lake

The Gandhi Sagar Lake is placed and situated in old Nagpur and has a tiny island situated in its centre. The island boasts of a garden and a unique Shiv Temple. The lake is delimited by yet another beautiful garden towards the north reserve and the Raman Science Centre towards the west slope.

Raman Science Centre

The Raman Science Centre is situated on the slopes and reserves of the lake of Gandhi Sagar and is store to many operative and practical samples of science-based devices and equipment. It also has an unassuming planetarium that is a very favorite among the students of various schools in Nagpur.

Hence, these are the main tourist places near Nagpur that boast of attracting large number of tourists and local people all throughout the year.

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