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Our country India intrigues one with its extraordinary medley of traditions, people and landscapes. Bewildering yet brilliant in its diversity, India comes alive with the glitz and glamour of spice, of contradictions and of colors. Extending from the towering snow-capped peaks of high Himalayas in the North to the verdant tropical greenery of ‘God’s own country’, Kerala, India boasts of an intoxicatingly dramatic terrain. Not only is the country’s terrain dramatic but so is the extensive range of cultures, sects and races that inhabit the length and breadth of India. That’s the reason why India is often looked upon as a continent more than a country.

To unravel the uniqueness, the beauty and mystery of this mystic land, Travel Tour Guru makes a dedicated attempt. We bring at your fingertips all necessary information on Indian travel and on the various Indian destinations, cultures, festivals, cuisines etc to make you stand face to face with the ‘authentic’ India. Whether you are a passionate vacationer or one who wishes to learn more about the land, our blog is enriched with all quality information to quench your thirst for knowledge of places. Read about this mind-boggling country and you are sure to get a dream of it in sleep!