Popular Places to Visit in Bhopal

Bhopal, which is often referred to as the ‘city of lakes,’ is located at the centre of two contrived lakes and is situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Bhopal is one among the topmost and popular front-runner travel and tour places of the entire state. The city is situated on an inclined location of the famous Malwa Plateau. It is a city which is gifted with very natural and lively appearing magical and superior hills, arboraceous and lignified flora and vegetative plantations. It also has brilliant, vivacious, colorful, spirited and brilliant sceneries, gardens, parks and beautiful and gorgeous looking hot spots and sight seeing places and locations.

It is also very illustrious, notable and celebrated for its cave’s artistic applications and work, which in turn, add to its quality and creativity. Bhopal can’t also be simply forgotten due to a gas tragedy that struck in 1984 and that is still one of the evilist industrial disasters of the world till date. With its multiple gifts and talents, Bhopal is always all set to welcome the tourists with its open arms and has the following travel and tourism places and exotic spots among some others:

Archaeological Museum

The archaeological museum of the city is a must visit and is sure to leave the travellers and tourists gasping for more. It has a stunning, eye-popping and dazzling compilation of three-dimensional figures and architectural designs from various regional areas of the state. The information and data provided on their shows and exhibitions are simply amazing and very interesting. The documented data provide heavy and profound perceptions of the taste and quality of the state.

Bharat Bhawan

A unit of incomparable quality and genius, it is an altogether different organization and centre for optical, acting and playing arts. It is a many-room art building and edifical structure and construction, which has been studied, planned, analyzed, configured and examined in such a manner that its form is in general a comprehensive agreement and harmony with its close surroundings and sceneries and offers a visual effect of convenience and comfort.

Birla Museum

This museum is a real attempt towards demonstrating and showing the many-sided, multifaceted, differing, wealthy and valuable civilization, society and taste of Madhya Pradesh. It is an important and favorite spot among the other edifical memorials, sites, constructions, structures and museums of Bhopal. It showcases the different constituents of the early, non-civilized and ancient times. It houses instruments and tools used by the ancient men and attracts the attention of the visitors, tourists and travellers.

Gauhar Mahal

This Mahal is located in the fascinating and splendid upper lake and is one among some of the mansions and residences constructed by Gauhar Begum. Gauhar was the first woman to dominate and direct Bhopal. It was built around 1820. It is one of the design and sculptural wonders and assets of the nation and displays and brings forward a wonderful and impressive mix of Muslim and Hindu edifical designs. This Mahal has not been upheld decently by the regulating authoritiesthough it is of extraordinary and vital ancient value.

Museum of Mankind

Also called the tribal habitat of Bhopal, it is situated on the Shamla Hills and covers a huge area of about two hundred acres of land region. It is that rare museum of the world which has a pictorial, lively and realistic compilation of old and ancient varnished, stained and finished stone shelters and is situated in one of the ancient spots of India. It has a huge library which contains historical books, text books and journals.

Shaukat Mahal

Shaukat Mahal is located in Bhopal Chowk and is one of the stunning and hard-to-digest edifical and design constructions and structures of the city. It is marvellous and exhibits a mix of European and Indian Muslim edifical designing trends. It differs very much from the other Muslim edifical designs and trends in its surroundings. This mahal is made up of aesthetic and good looking light colored gypsum. Its roof is decorated and beaded with an order of intricate and complex, trilaterally and three-way formed and molded curves, designs and patterns.

Lower Lake

A stunning and awe-inspiring remainder and left-over lake and a memory of the Great Mughal Empire, it is located in the peaceful, calm and clear ambience of the magical hills and the heavy and structural upper lake. Also known as the Chhota Taalaab, it is detached and isolated from the upper lake by a bridge that goes over it. Boating and sailing are the two major attractions for the adventure loving tourists and visitors. It has its own magical and majestic appeal, influence and attractiveness, which is greatly disturbed by human colonies and villages from all the directions.

Upper Lake

The Upper Lake is the oldest man-made and artificial lake of India and is very beautiful and charming. It is also called the Bada Taalaab and is a heavy and large earth like body of water which was built across the River of Kolans. Kamla Park is located near it and contributes to its charm and vivacity. This lake is the centre and unit of all the water-related adventurous activities of Bhopal and is a hot travel spot for all the adventure loving tourists and sports supporters and participators.


Apart from all these stunning sites and spots, it has some artificial and bionic lakes which are beautiful beyond imagination and soothing to the eyes of the travellers, tourists and visitors. They also provide a lot of comfort, solace and peace to their minds. Also, the shining and bright lights of the whole city at night provide calm, gratifying and relishing eye shots and glances. In short, it is an eye view that should not be missed by them. Bhopal is a city which does not have many historical and ancient constructions, memorials, structures and sites; yet it is fascinating and enthralling in its own ways.

It displays and demonstrates a compatible and understanding mix of both the Muslim and Hindu attitudes, tastes and most importantly, societies, which exhibit the perfect combination, unification and integration and inflow of South Indian and North Indian customs, rules, regulations, duties, policies, cultures, traditions and practices. It is an ancient city which is rare, uncommon and strange from the point of view of being only one of the cities that were overseen and supervised by the omnipotent and compelling Begums and Queens for many centuries to come.

These developed and advanced dominators of the city defeated their male equivalents in the majority facets of life and emerged victorious. The stunning and breath-taking mosques and the gorgeous and beautifully designed residences, houses and structural buildings of the city are the proving indications and implications towards this fact. Theirs was a golden reigning period and time. Bhopal also has many contemporary elements and components which allow the presence of contemporary living, enlaced and looped with its treasurable, worthy and wealthy practices and customs.

The memories of this city’s history or yesteryears are visible, live and present in its Islamic places of worship, palaces and museums. These edifical structures display a natural mixture of Hindu, Muslim and European trends of designs and sculptures. Bhopal, to be precise, has with success, changed into an urban area and region, glowing and twinkling with its colorful and spirited past. It is a centre of natural and stunning artistic creations and civilization and offers multiple units of modern and functioning arts. It is the capital of Madhya Pradesh and has a huge tribal population. It is also the centre of common people and social arts that give an impression and touch of the social life in villages.

Thus, the travel and tourist spots of Bhopal comprise stunning and scenic locations like the Upper Lake and the Bharat Bhawan, which are absolute pleasures and all-praises for the regular travellers and tourists.

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