Tourist Places near Coimbatore, the Manchester of the South

Coimbatore is the third biggest city of Tamil Nadu and is situated and spaced at a distance of about five hundred kilometres from the capital of the state, Chennai. It is located on the reserves and slopes of a well known river and is one of the most ‘business-developed’ cities of the state.

It is the cloth and fabric centre and hub of the southern region of the nation and is also called the Manchester of the South. The various important and interesting tourist places near Coimbatore are mentioned and described as under :

Noyyal River

The Noyyal River moves and travels by the side of the Perur Temple and is the hub of sacred and spiritual practices and other such similar activities.

Siruvani Waterfalls and Dam

This perfect picnic spot and site is situated at a distance of about one hour’s drive from the Manchester of the South and is famous for its tasty water. Tourists and visitors flock in large numbers to taste this water. This site also provides the tourists and visitors with exotic and charming eye-shots of the dam and its surroundings.

Velliangiri Hills

The Velliangiri Hills are situated and placed in the outer boundaries of the city of Coimbatore and is also referred to as the Kailash of the south.

Velliangiri Hills

These hills are considered holy in nature and are worshipped by many. Here, the tourists and travellers embark on a gruelling and laborious journey of eight kilometres during the two special ocassions of Chitrapurnima and Mahashivratri.

Also, very uncommon, precious, unique and valuable ayurvedic plants and herbs are found here. The wide variety of animals and plants found here increase the beauty and gorgeousness of these hills and add exquisite charm and excitement to the minds of the pilgrims and the travellers.

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University

The Tamil Nadu Agricultural University is located at a distance of about five kilometres from the railway colligation and association spot of Coimbatore.

It is one among the top sixteen agrarian and farming educational universities of the country. It also falls within the top most agrarian universities of South Asia.

Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary

The Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary is located at a distance of about seventy kilometres from the Coimbatore city and town and is a journey of around three hours from here. It has a suitable environmental ambience and deep flora that is apt for the existence of many dfferent kinds of wild animals, birds, reptiles and snakes, etc.

Living facilities are available and provided to all the travellers and tourists within the premises of the sanctuary. Exhilarating and breathtaking elephant rides are also available and offered to them on a daily basis and are some of the stellar and chief attractions of this park and wildlife sanctuary.


Ooty is a hill station near Coimbatore and is placed at a height of about two thousand two hundred and sixty eight metres above sea level. It is located at a distance of about eighty eight kilometres and is a journey of around one hour and forty minutes from the city of Coimbatore. Ooty is a place to unwind and escape the humid and hot summers of Tamil Nadu.

It is famous for its natural beauty, weather, botanical gardens and other stunning tourist spots and sites. Ooty is house to multiple hotels and holiday resorts and conducts the famous dog and flower events on an annual basis.

A popular spot called ‘Avalanche’ is situated at a distance of about twenty four kilometres from Ooty and is famous for trout fishing.


Munnar is yet another hill station that is situated in the state of Kerala and is placed at a distance of about one hundred and seventy kilometres from the town and city of Coimbatore. It is a place to relax, have fun and spend a good vacation.

It is a place that is meant for providing its tourists and visitors with comfortability and space. Munnar is situated and placed at a height of about six thousand feet above sea level and is located in the district of Idukki.

It has a unique and huge collection of different kinds of plants and animals. It has many number of tea plantations that are distributed over a large area and also has clean and scenic vales that give nice and enjoyable feelings to everyone. Its ambience and surroundings smell of fragrant and redolent preservatives and have rugged and cliffy rocks.

With full of greenery, marvellous rocks, trout streams, abundant wildlife and effervescent, scintillating and foaming creeks and hilly cliffs, it serves as the apt picnic spot and a suitable adventurous and holiday destination for people belonging to all age groups.

Bandipur National Park

The Bandipur National Park is situated at a distance of about one hundred and sixty seven kilometres from Coimbatore city and is located in the state of Karnataka. It has a variety of wildlife species and also boasts of natural beauty. It is quite a different place and is situated far away from the noise of the cities and is located in the hills of Nilgiris.

It is winged and subfigured by the three rivers of Moyar, Kabini and Nugu. Alongwith these rivers, there are some water bodies and water courses that are cyclic in nature and move through this area.

This national park is house to many different kinds of animals, endangered animals, birds and some unique kinds of trees. It is an excellent tourist spot near the city of Coimbatore and must not be missed by the tourists and travellers.

Monkey Falls

Monkey Falls is a stunning and perfect outside site and hot tourist attraction and is located at a distance of about sixty five kilometres from Coimbatore.

It is the apt location for children and other people and is used by them for bathing and having other fun and recreational activities. The charges for admittance into the waterfalls are very low and highly affordable, being only about Rs. two per head. This particular region boasts of brilliant and amazing natural beauty and hot tourist sites.

Kovai Kutralam Falls

The Kovai Kutralam Water Fall is a stunning and fascinating waterfall and is placed at Siruvani. This waterfall is situated and placed at a distance of about thirty seven kilometres from the city of Coimbatore and is popular for its splendidness and brilliance.

It is located in the central region of the deep forests and makes it impossible for travellers and tourists to visit it after five in the evenings.

It is located at a distance of about five kilometres from the village of Alundurai. It is a gorgeous waterfall that drops from a decent height and is situated in the the western ghats. This waterfall is enclosed by dense jungles from all around and boasts of a variety of fauna and flora.

Siruvani acts as a water reservoir for Coimbatore and is store to this waterfall and a dam. The dam is very beautiful and presents its visitors and tourists with exotic, fascinating and gripping eye-views.

Kovai Kondattam Park

The Kovai Kondattam is a fun, entertainment and recreational park that is meant for adventurous people. It is located on the Perur Road and has enthralling and adventurous sporty slides and water rides for the visitors.

It is an entertainment and theme park that boasts of a public air hall that conducts special programs and entertains the visitors.

Alongside these fun and recreational programs and rides, this park is also house to the juice corner, fast food centre and the ice cream shop. All these food centres and restaurants provide tasty food items and other tasty food stuffs to the tourists and visitors.

Vydehi Falls

Yet another waterall, it is located and placed at a distance of around thirty five kilometres from Coimbatore and is the most famous waterfall of the city. It is widely popular and known for its splendidness, magic and brilliance.

It is full of natural beauty and beautiful and stunning locations and sites that entice and pleasure the visitors and leave them wanting for more.

A must-visit for all the people and tourists, it is something that draws the maximum number of crowds towards it.
Thus, these are the popular and well known tourist places near Coimbatore and are famous for their richness and magnificence and do not fail to impress anybody.

The city of Coimbatore is also quite famous for its magnificent temples, among which, the main ones are the Ayappan Temple and the Vellingiri Hill Temple, both of which attract multiple visitors and tourists from all around the country and all across the year.

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