Must See Tourist Attractions of Kolkata

A trip to the city of joy and the cultural capital of India, Kolkata, is worth experiencing. It is the capital of West Bengal and also one of the four metropolitan cities of India. Tourism in Kolkata has prospered with time and is on the rise. Some of the most favorite and best-selling tourist spots of this city are mentioned below:

Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata

Victoria Memorial is the main landmark of the city and was constructed in 1921. This stunning and gorgeous monument was developed and improved further by Mr. William Emerson. He was one of the famous architects of the British Era. The Victoria Memorial spreads across an area of around 64 acres and is enclosed by a well-preserved and enhanced garden. It has a museum that has a huge compilation of ancient works of art and artifacts from all across the globe.

The pictures and images of distinguished and successful British personalities and some other sovereign rulers of England are hung-up on the partitional walls of the museum. These famous personalities and sovereign rulers had a responsible hand in defining and forming contemporary India.

Apart from containing these paintings and artifacts, the museum also contains ancient manuscripts, rare documents, and old stamps, among other things. Tourists and visitors can enter this monument and can go around it by paying admission fees of Rs. One Hundred and Fifty Only. It is open for the public on all days of the week from five-thirty in the mornings to seven in the evenings.

Nicco Park

Nicco Park is the most frequently called-on and the oldest recreational park in the city. It is scattered across a land area of around forty acres and is located in the area of Salt Lake. It is popularly called the Disneyland of the cultural capital of India and is very famous for its daring, swaggering, and exciting rides. This park has been running since 1991 and is an open invitation for entertaining people of all ages.

It is one of the largest entertainment and recreational parks in the country and has some land plots and lakes that are respectively utilized for family get-togethers and joyful boat rides. Nicco Park has a restaurant that serves delicious and different cuisines.

The park is proud of some of its assets like the Moon Raker, the Flying Saucer, the Cable Car, and the Toy Train. Other than these, the Cave Ride is the most wanted and frequented ride of all. The admission fees of this park are about Rs. One hundred and Fifty Only for all rides. The park remains open to the public from eleven in the mornings to nine in the evenings.

Birla Planetarium

Birla Planetarium, Kolkata

Also known as the MP Birla Planetarium, it is widely known all around the globe for its space museum and astronomical planetarium. Its space museum is one of the biggest on the entire continent. The Birla Planetarium is bound to attract people of all ages and people interested in heavenly bodies, astronomy, and the universe.

It is located on the overlapping point of the Jawaharlal Nehru Road and has an external construction having a visual aspect and representation, which is milky and light-colored. Its ceiling is concave-molded and an eye-catcher.

It was formed and founded in 1963 and provides its visitors with a huge amount of knowledge regarding heavenly bodies and the universe. The planetarium is well-known for being panoplied and armored with many different kinds of highly advanced widgets, instruments, and gizmos like optical devices, magnifiers, and highly enhanced filters, which are responsible for producing special effects and giving near-real images and eye-shots of the skies and space to its audiences.

Photography and filming inside the planetarium are not allowed and are punishable under Indian law. The basic advantage of visiting this planetarium is that the audiences are let into revelations of the various mysteries of the universe.

College Street

A famous street in the Northern part of Kolkata, it extends from Bowbazar to M G Road junction. It is the hub of many vital intellectual activities and is the dwelling location of many respected and reputed colleges in the city. Some of these colleges are the Scottish Church College and the Presidency College.

The College Square and the Indian Coffee House are the two main hanging and chilling-out spots on this street. These two spots attract multiple tourists where they get the time to relax and spend some time with each other. The Indian Coffee House offers very tasty coffee. College Street is very famous for being the biggest novel and book trade and merchandise center in India.

It also carries the unique distinction of being the biggest second-hand novel and book business center and hub in the world. Very rare and limitedly available novels and books can also be found here and purchased at highly discounted prices or at very reasonable costs, apart from the easily available books and novels.

Bargaining exists at its peak here and is the main reason for the books being available at such low prices. This street also serves the role of an important reference point for India and is the store of some of the most prestigious book industries and publications of West Bengal. College Street is a must-visit place and is loved by all.

Kolkata Metro

The Kolkata Metro Trains carry the unique distinction of being the premiere and stellar metros of the nation and also boast of stretching over a distance of twenty-five kilometers from Dumdum to New Garia. Initially, the total distance covered by the metro trains was seventeen kilometers and ended at Tollygunj.

But later, it was increased and stretched to eight more kilometers and now, it ends at the New Garia Station. Large distances in this city are covered very quickly by these trains. This leads to fewer crowds on the roads and more efficiency.

The Metro blankets almost all the crucial and heavily-inhabited areas of this city, saves a lot of time, and is the pride of Kolkata. It offers services to the passengers on a regular basis and gives huge attention to their safety. It is equipped with developed technology and offers joyful and brilliant rides to the citizens.

It is a unique thing to travel by, as it helps the passengers with exploring the ventilators and escalators of the metro stations. It also makes them experience the unique ways of traveling underground at full speed.

Science City

One more famous entertainment and Science park in the city, it is approachable by walking directly into it or by gliding through a ropeway. Traveling via the ropeway is very interesting and exciting, as this helps the audiences and tourists with discovering the entire city and the park.

Some of the chief eye-catchers of the Science City are the Dinosaur Complex, the Natural Science Park, and the Evolution Theme Park, among many others. Its space theatre is astonishingly huge.

The Science City hosts many kinds of science shows, exhibitions, trade fairs, and events for tourists and visitors. The admission fees of the City are charged separately and even the riding charges vary from one side to another. The City remains open to the public from nine in the morning to nine in the evening for a period of twelve hours straight.

Fort William

Fort William was made around 1781 and is the inspiring and operational center of India’s Eastern Army. The Fort got its name from King William III. It is distributed and extends over a land area of about five square kilometers and is a polygonal area encircled by the Hooghly River.

The Fort can be entered from six different directions and is the store to the Indian Army’s accommodations, swimming pool, boxing arena, firing ranges, training fields, and other amenities. This Fort is the main attraction of the city for the adventure-lovers, tourists, and for all those people who want to join the Indian Army and serve the nation.

A trip to the city of joy and the cultural capital of India, Kolkata, would be incomplete without visiting its Acquatica Water Park; Belur Math; Howrah Bridge, also the world’s largest hanging bridge; Alipore Zoological Gardens, also known as the Kolkata Zoo; scenic Eden Gardens, where national and international cricket are played; Kalighat; famous museums; cathedrals; art galleries; temples and mosques.

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