Best Places to Visit in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a city in Punjab. The people of Punjab are friendly and extroverts by nature. Chandigarh is one of the initial and best conceived cities of India. Its simpleness is spell-binding, hypnotizing and captivating. It is one of the cities that was developed and configured by a leading French architect Le Corbusier.

This city was basically called and titled after the Goddess of Power or Goddess Chandi, and hence the name Chandigarh. It is the common capital of both the states of Punjab and Haryana. It is located at a road travelling space of about two hundred and fifty kilometres from Delhi.

Guide to Chandigarh City

It is one of the best-selling, fashionable and touristed settlements for its occupants. This is one of the places where the tourists spend a good time and have a great vacation. The city is not very old and therefore, does not have old memorials, structures and sites that it can be proud of.

But it does have contemporary edifical structures, buildings and lively, scenic, stunning and beautiful spots that touch the hearts of most of the tourists and attract even more. There are a number of beautiful spots and happening places to see and visit in Chandigarh. They are mentioned one by one as follows :

The Capitol Complex

It is a place in Chandigarh that is visited by majority of its people and is located in its sector one. It is a vital governmental and judicial regional area that consists of the meeting forum, the administrative body and authority and the high tribunal. These well-organized and properly built flexible and tangible establishments and edifices of the entire building coordination compound stand gracefully and graciously out of the particular solid land and also consists of the central office of the governing authorities of the two states of Haryana and Punjab.

The Open Hand

The Open Hand is one of the most amazing and awe-inspiring site memorials and commemorations in the city. It is placed within the area of the capitol complex and consists of a jumbo and hugely large and mammoth hand that is made up of aluminiferous covers.

The hand functions by moving around its own axis and presenting and verbalising the message of welcoming all the people to the city without any restrictions and limitations. It displays the message of equality without making differences among its people. The huge hand comes forth and emerges upto a height of about eighty five feet from a sunken, deep and empty ditch.

Sector Seventeen

This is one of the most favorite and hot chill-out locations of the teens and youngsters of Chandigarh and is visited frequently by them. Sector seventeen consists of the most advanced, enhanced and developed buying and shopping centre of the city. It also consists of and is surrounded by solid three dimensional carved figures, jet springs and tree woods. Precisely, it is fit to be enjoyed by both the visiting travellers and shoppers clustering that particular region.

Sukhna Lake

Sukhna Lake Chandigarh

The Sukhna lake is located in sector one of Chandigarh and is the ideal, flawless and exact place for nature lovers. It was developed by constructing an unreal and staged barrier on a periodic and cyclic flow of water.

The visitors and tourists can spend some quality, reposeful, quite and restful time in its eating place located there and can also experience some yachting and water travelling. They can also opt to sit down on the two kilometre extended and drawn-out stretch of walking space created there as well as enjoy the good visual facets and diversity of mother nature.

Rock Garden

The rock garden is probably one of the most tied up, engaged and busy tourist destinations of the city and is located near the capitol complex. It is very different from others and hence, its favoracy and demand are comprehendable. It is widely dispersed and distributed across a wide region of twelve acres and was constructed by Mr Nek Chand. The garden mainly consists of imaginative, artistry and creative commodities made from municipal and city used, pined-away and consumed fabrics, stuffs and textiles.

Leisure Valley

This is yet another aesthetic and pleasant spot that has green environment and consists of many ravishing and splendid gardens. These gardens embellish, decorate, grace, beautify and modify the city from its one extremity to another and also consists of the hot and favorite rose garden of Chandigarh.

This rose garden is the most voluminous and significant garden of Asia and is frequently visited by most of the tourists who love spending time and relaxing in a green ambience. Some of the most touristed and stylish gardens of the city are the botanical garden and the garden of annuals.

International Dolls Museum

This is a museum that is seen and visited by innumerable number of tourists from all across India and sometimes, also from all over the world. It is located in sector twenty three of Chandigarh and consists of a large compilation of marionettes and dolly toys from all across the globe and of all varieties.

It remains shut on Sundays. It is open to the public on all the other days of the week. This museum is very enticing and alluring and attracts tourists from far away places as well.

Other Important Sites and Places

Some of the other well known and renowned as well as reputed and hot traveller and visitor attractions include the art gallery and the government museum, the geometric hills and the tower of shadows and the museum of evolution of life and the martyr’s memorial, etc.

The museum of evolution of life is quite famous among these and is situated in sector ten. It is available for viewing to the public from ten in the morning to four thirty in the evening and remains shut on Mondays. It drags the tourists five thousand years back and displays to them the Indus Valley Civilization. Multiple pre-historic fossils can also be found in the art gallery and government museum.


Chandigarh is one of the famous North India travel and tourism places and is visited by thousands of tourists every day. It has a certain appeal and flavor that entices and attracts the tourists here. It is also situated near the two popular hill stations of the state Himachal Pradesh, namely Kasauli and Shimla, which give it an added bonus and advantage. There are numerous hotels in Chandigarh, that cater to the requirements of the large number of travellers and tourists visiting Chandigarh every single year.

As mentioned above, various kinds of hotels exist here. They may be expensive as well as reasonable for the travellers and tourists. A few of the well known and reputed hotels in Chandigarh are Hotel Maya Palace and The Taj. Some others are Hotel Piccadily and Hotel Mount View.

Reaching Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a well connected city with any other in India and can be reached by all the three means, modes and ways of conveyance namely by rail, air and road. One can reach Chandigarh from Delhi by using any one of the Jan Shatabdi, Shatabdi Express and the Himalayan Queen trains.

Indian Airlines from Delhi also operates regularly and aeroplanes reach Chandigarh every day from the same. It is also easily reachable by road by using taxis and buses from Delhi and passing through the national highways twenty two and twenty one.

Thus, visitors’ trip to Chandigarh can be very useful and enjoyable to them, provided the above mentioned hot places and tourist destinations are found out, analysed and visited by them.

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