Travel Places near Kolkata, the Cultural Capital of India

There are multiple travel places near Kolkata that attract lakhs of tourists all round the year. The fascination and magic of all these places do not seem to end and draw lakhs of tourists from all across the globe. Some of the travel places near the city of joy are mentioned and described below :


Sunderbans National Park

The Sunderbans is an exotic tourist site, location and place that is roughly situated at a distance of about one hundred and twelve kilometres from Kolkata. It boasts of many serene and calm islands and a fiery kind of wildlife and forests. Sunderbans means ‘beautiful forests’ in Bengali and is an oasis and shelter for photographers and tourists.

This is due to the fact that the photographers and the tourists find this a perfect place, wherein they can relax, click photos and spend a jovial and jolly time. The regions and areas of its forests within the boundaries of India are known as the Sunderban National Park and stretches across a land area of about thirty eight thousand five hundred square kilometres.

Thus, the park occupies a vast land area and is blanketed with watery, swampy and squashy regions by about one third of its total space. This park has served the function of a wildlife sanctuary since 1966 and is believed to be housing around thirty thousand patched-deer and four hundred royal bengal tigers.

This is what Sunderbans is really famous for, and it is also the prime source of attraction of all the tourists. It is full of greenery and dense forests and is location to ample number of Sundari trees. Sunderbans is often called a place wherein one could enjoy greenery, wildlife and forests at their best and raw forms.

Thus, it is the apt location and site for people who want to spend a good vacation or have a picnic.

Apart from all these stunning and bewitching eye-shots and sceneries, Sunderbans also boasts of many rambling rivers, scenic water streams and brooks, stunning fountains and other scenic and calm water streams. Some of the wild animals found here are the royal Bengal tigers, the giant lizards, crocodiles, wild boars and different varieties of ducks and other birds.

A site called Nilkamal is located near this park and is very popular for housing plenty of natural beauty and varieties of birds and wild animals. A terribly refreshing site that promises to give a complete change from the daily monotony of the busy life of Kolkata, Sunderbans is the ideal tourist place and must not be missed on any account.


Gangtok is the capital city of the state of Sikkim and is situated at a distance of around six hundred and ninety three kilometres from the city of joy, Kolkata. It is a very beautiful, calm and serene hill and picnic spot of the north eastern region of India.

It is placed on the ridgeline of a hill and is situated at a height of about one thousand seven hundred metres above sea level. Gangtok is also best known for its scenic beauty and the stunning eye-shots of the third highest peak in the world called Kanchenjunga.

This town and modern city is mainly famous for its wide roads, pubs, ballrooms, discos, fast-food restaurants, colleges, classy and fashionable markets, overpasses and other contemporary hospitals and beautifully designed edifical structures.

Gangtok is very renowned for being house to some famous monasteries and the Fambong La Widlife Sanctuary.

Its Tsomogo Lake and the Sarama Garden are very riveting, catchy and marvellous in nature and are some of the other sites that must be visited and experienced by the tourists. It is also the ideal place and spot to indulge in adventures and rock climbing.

Gangtok is the right place, wherein various things of historical and cultural significance are found and are praised big time by the travellers and visitors. A trained and learned guide is able to take the tourists on a fun trip across all the major tourist sites of Gangtok.


Geonkhali is yet another tourist site and place near Kolkata and is located at a distance of around one hundred and thirty kilometres from the city of joy. It is placed at the meeting point of three very famous rivers and gives stunning and marvellous eye-shots to its visitors.

The rivers of this place are very broad and appear very large in size. The front side of the river is subfigured and winged with the richness and profuseness of many green mango, sirish and babala trees. Tourists and travellers have all the freedom to enjoy delightful and pleasing boat and ferry rides here.


Dhuturdaha is a calm and composed village and is situated at a distance of around fifty one kilometres from Kolkata. It is situated in the South, 24 Parganas district of the city.

It is home to endless number of fishing lakes, ponds, vegetable gardens, local temples and palm trees and displays the various nuances and aspects and realistic representations of life in villages.

This kind of typical village life is seen over a vast area of land and is something that the village boasts of. Dhuturdaha is a nice place to unwind and relax after spending a tiresome week in the city.

It is a place, wherein the tourists and travellers can spend quality time with their family members and friends. They can immerse their feet in the ponds and simply enjoy the pleasurable feelings derived from it. They could also indulge in fishing and gaze at the large incessant skies over the green celestial skyline.

Doing such simple things in this village could provide them with immense relaxation and rejuvenation. Dhuturdaha is a village that is proud of its rural life and modern amenities that act as gifts for its visitors. It is the perfect pleasing and relaxation spot.

Monchasa, Contai

Monchasa is yet another village that is situated at a distance of around one hundred and thrity kilometres from the cultural capital of India, Kolkata. It is a village full of pure natural beauty and boasts of originality and authenticity. It promotes the premiere village-supported eco-tourism movement in the nation.

This movement is dedicated to a particularly good social and welfare cause. It is situated on the reserves of the Bagda River and is the apt spot for spending a vacation and a holiday.

Meen Dweep, Haldia

Meen Dweep is situated in Haldia and is placed at a distance of around seventy two kilometres from the city of joy. Initially, it appears like a swampy and soggy island located on the river surface of Haldia and is spread across a land area that covers around forty square kilometres.

With more exploration, this island comes alive with multiple expectancies and is famous for its natural appearance, brilliance and placidity.

Beloon Eco Village, Bardhaman

Beloon Eco Village is situated at a distance of about one hundred and seventy five kilometres from the city of joy and is a village flourishing with rural lifestyle. It is a village that is home to a lake, dolphins, different species of birds and fresh vegetables.

It is situated in the district of Bardhaman and is full of natural beauty, lush greenery, clay houses, wildlife and forests. Apart from all these, the tourists also get a chance to taste the delicious and mouth-watering Bengali meals that comprise of fresh vegetables and fresh water fishes. In short, it is a perfect place for the tired and spent.


Biharinath is situated in Bankura and is placed at a distance of about two hundred and fifty kilometres from the city of Kolkata. It is circumscribed by River Damodar and Purulia on both the sides and is the tallest hill of the entire district.

This hill is placed at a soaring height of four hundred and fifty one metres above sea level and is a hot tourist spot. Biharinath is surrounded by dense jungles from all around and shines with the fragrance and color of some beautiful flowers of the region. Colorful, lively, realistic and vivid birds and wild animals are also the major attractions of this place.

Thus, the brilliance, rivetness and splendidness of the travel places near Kolkata are described above and are a real treat and learning experience for the eyes of the tourists and travellers.

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