How to Reach Shimla from Delhi?

And this is why they say – Unity in Diversity! Delhi and Shimla, the two extremes! One, the crowded, other the calm! One the hectic and, other the peaceful! One that houses the travel lovers and other which attracts the travel lovers!

Shimla Tour

Shimla is one of the most preferred locations of India wherein Delhiites (formally, the residents of Delhi) not only head to have an exciting holiday but also for they want to witness the miracles of nature. Apart from its mesmerizing beauty, Shimla has gained enough popularity as the capital city of Himachal Pradesh. It is also one of the most popular tourist destinations of India. Known for its beautiful scenery and charming mountain views, the city is an ideal destination to visit during hot summers. To experience relaxation at its maximum, hundreds of tourists travel from New Delhi to Shimla every day. The two cities are 480 KMs from each other. Although the distance is appreciable, convenience is never a problem! There are many buses and trains running between the two cities. You will need approximately 8 hours to reach Shimla from New Delhi. However, it may take more time depending upon the weather conditions, but who cares when destination is so beautiful?

By Road

Road has its own comfort! You are not required to dig your pockets and at the same time you are independent to choose your date and time! To further add to your comfort, buses can be discovered on almost all times from 09:00 PM to 09:00 PM. The bus fare is around Rs.950 and can go higher with the quality of the bus. You can choose among Volvo A/C seaters, non AC express buses, deluxe buses and others. You will get government as well as private buses for your travelling. Volvo buses can cover the distance between the two cities in 5hrs which is very convenient. Local buses will however take more than 7 hours. You can also hire a Taxi which charge anywhere between Rs.7,000 to Rs.10,600 for a round trip. Travelling on the national highway number 1 is fun, and then there is the hill section which gives a beautiful view of the colorful valley. The roads are lined on both the sides with eateries and Dhabas which provide delicious foods at low prices.

By Rail

Train! Those whistles and the scenic beauty – nothing can beat that! Shimla is connected to Delhi by a broad gauge up to Kalka. You can take the toy train from Kalka to reach Shimla while taxi service is also available charging up to Rs.1,750.  The toy train chugs through the mountain track very slowly blessing you with the magnificent view of the nature. Shimla as hill station is situated at an altitude of 2000 meters from sea level. Travelling by train provides you the privilege of enjoying the seasonal rivers, waterfalls, lush greenery and occasional snowfall. You can also take the Shatabdi Express from Delhi at 7:40 AM to reach Chandigarh at 10:45 and Kalka at 11:45 by paying RS 550.

By Air

If luxury is what you opt for, air route is what they have planned! There is air transportation available directly from Delhi to Shimla. Shimla has its own airport and there are daily flights from Delhi to this tourist destination. The best time to visit Shimla is during the months of June to November. The heart of Himalaya is a must visit once in your lifetime!

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