Travel to Vellore and Pondicherry, The Southern Towns of Monuments and Fishing

Travel to Vellore and Pondicherry is something that gets engraved in the minds of the tourists forever and remains one of their fond memories in life.



Vellore is a town that is situated and placed at a distance of about one hundred and forty-five kilometers from Chennai and is enclosed by a profound and heavy unreal trench. This town is also ruled and marked by a fort that goes back to the sixteenth century. It is called the Vellore Fort.

Vellore is nowadays a shimmering and bright town in the state of Tamil Nadu and pulls tourists and visitors from all across the nation and the world due to its famous educational and health institutions.

Vellore is also famous for its historical structures and temples and is worth going on a trip. Some of the interesting and gripping tourist places in this town of Vellore are mentioned below :

Government Museum

The Government Museum is placed and located next to the main bus stand in the town hall of Lakshmanaswamy and is monitored by the department of museums. This is one of the most peculiar and extraordinary museums of the country and is the main attraction of Vellore town.

It houses and is store an affluent and broad compilation of social-scientific, ancient, anthropological, biologically scientific, artistic, and earthly-scientific artifacts.

This wonderful museum is open for visitors to the public on all the days of the year, except on government holidays. It remains open from nine in the mornings till twelve in the afternoons and then again from two in the afternoons till five in the evenings.

Amirthi Zoological Park

Amirthi Forest & ZoologicalPark, Vellore

This particular zoological park is located and placed below the Javadu Hills of Tellai crosswise the Amirithi River, which is situated at a distance of about twenty-five kilometers from the town of Vellore. It is an entertainment and fun tourist spot and has been effective since 1967.

Its land area is distributed across twenty-five hectares and has gorgeous and stunning waterfalls. This park houses some children’s rides and is the location of many different varieties of wild animals and plants. Sandalwood trees and herbal plants are available here and are very useful to mankind.

This park also houses certain relaxation rooms and living rooms for the tired tourists and travellers. It also contains a meditating hall meant for all those people and visitors who want to spend some quiet and peaceful time with their relatives and friends.

It is also meant for those who want to meditate and focus on kindness, humanity, religion and spirituality. The entry charges to this park vary. This park has opened up many kinds of job prospects for the tribal people settled on the hills.

Javadu Hills

The Javadu Hills is situated at a distance of about forty kilometers from Polur and are famous and popular for fruit and sandalwood trees. These hills have heights that deviate and range from one hill to another. Three hundred to one thousand meters is the approximate height of these hills.

Jalagampaari Falls

This waterfall is located at a distance of about seventeen kilometres from the district of Vellore and is the perfect picnic site for visitors and travelers. Beside this waterfall is an attractive and stunning temple that succeeds to attract everyone through its charms and magic.

Muthu Mandapam

Muthu Mandapam is also referred to as the ‘Pearl Palace’ and is an ancient monument and construction of great cultural and historical significance. It lies constructed around the headstone memorial of Vikramraja Singh, the final Kandy Tamil King. It is located and directed towards the northern direction of the town of Vellore and lies on the foot and foundation of River Palar.

The memorial is undergoing many changes at present and will be extended with an aquarium, a children’ park and many more entertaining and stunning things.


Pondicherry is situated at a distance of about thirty-six kilometers from Chennai and is also known as Puducherry. It is a town that is placed and located on the eastern seashore of the nation and has an outline that stretches for about thirty-two kilometers.

It is famous for its backwaters, beaches, beach houses, and fishing villages. It is also well-known for its wines, seafood items, and adventures. Some of the riveting and catchy tourist places and attractions of Pondicherry are listed below :

Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Sri Aurobindo Ashram was established in 1926 and was the product and inspiration of the famous Bengali scholar and revolutionist, Aurobindo Ghosh and his disciple called ‘The Mother,’ who took over the reins of the ashram after his death.

This ashram is supported and grounded on Sri Aurobindo’s teachings of a pure and compatible community gathering and group of people.

A famous library and the international centre are placed and situated crosswise the road. The remains of this great scholar lie in the ashram center.

His living place is situated and lies toward the interior of various kinds of flowers and an exquisite, pleasant, and tiny garden of orchidaceous plants and flowers. There seems to be some conflict and disturbance between the ashram personnel and the locals of the town.

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach is situated at a distance of about eight kilometers from the main town and is placed at a location called Chunnambar. It is an equatorial and latitudinal heaven and like a dream come true for all the beach lovers. It is an apt location to unwind and spend a good time.

The tourists come here and bask under the sun. Also, they swim in the cool sea waters and sit peacefully and watch the sceneries and the beauty of its natural places. Sea Gulls can also be seen and spent time with.

Passing a night by setting up an easy-going, protected and snuggy beach tent would be very enthralling and exciting. Residing in the lukewarm and tepid tree houses on the slopes of the backwaters would add to these highly enjoyable, exciting, and tempting experiences.

Auroville – An International City

Auroville is a tiny town and is located and placed at a distance of about six kilometers in the northern direction of Pondicherry and is a global city in nature. It was constructed and initiated in 1968 by ‘The Mother’ of Sri Aurobindo Ashram with the aim of developing and designing a global city.

About fifty-five various languages and fifteen different communities exist within this city. The city acts as a joyful product for comprehending the requirements of the ambience for religious and sacred development, enhancement and advancement.

Auroville houses the famous and well-known international centre and a meditation hall. The meditation hall is called the Matrimandir and requires the visitors to get a ticket supplied in order to visit it.

Tourists and travelers can also be a part of the arranged Auroville tour that initiates and finishes in Pondicherry and takes the tourists all around the international city and all its interesting, important, and hot tourist spots and sites.

Botanical Gardens and Acquarium

The botanical garden of Pondicherry has been effective since 1826 and is open to the public visitors and tourists. It is situated towards the southern entry point of the bus stand of the city, which is also the heart of the city. It provides a cool shelter to all the visitors of the city who have had enough of the heat and humidity of Pondicherry.

It is distributed over a land area of twenty-two acres and is a place to discover various kinds of plants and chirping birds. This botanical garden of the city is very aged, say about one hundred and seventy-eight years, and is displayed with names on its plants and trees. It also has an aquarium nearby that has various kinds of fish and sea-living organisms.

Hence, travel to Vellore and Pondicherry is exquisite and dainty in its own ways, due to the various types of beaches and monuments that exist within these two towns.

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