A Glimpse of Jog Falls

Jog Falls was originally created by the Sharavathi River that falls from a height of about 253 meters which is 829 feet. The height of this waterfall is 2,600 feet that is 790 miles and its width is approximately 1550 feet that is 472 metres. This waterfall is a major tourist attraction and is worth visiting. This waterfall is also called as Gerusoppa falls, Gerusoppa Falls and Jogada Gundi.

Jog Falls

You will find many waterfalls in Asia or in India that falls from a height like this. But the specialty of Jog Falls is that it falls directly below without hitting any rocks. River Sharavathi tears into four distinct ways and was named as per their trajectories. They are Raja, Roar, Rocket and Rani. The name Raja was given as it is a serene fall. Roar because it makes incredible noise, Rocket because of its high speed and Rani for its winding and twisting that is similar to the actions of a female dancer. Rani is also known as Lady.

Linked with the waterfall you can see the dam that is close to it named Linganamakki Dam. From this dam the hydro-electric power station is been supplied and was equipped from 1949 with a capacity of 1200 MW. This is among the biggest hydro-electricity stations in India and is also an important source of electric power for the Karnataka state. This power station was earlier named as Krishna Rajendra hydro-electric project but was further changed after Mahatma Gandhi hydro-electric project. Till 1960, this project was served by the Hirebhaskara but after 1960, the Linganamakki Dam was built due to Sir M. Visvesvaraya and became one of the major power generations in India.

During the dry weather before monsoon the falls cannot be distinguished soon. The local people can easily tell you that the authorities open the dam only during weekends when a number of tourists come to take a glance of it. In 2007, when heavy rainfall occurred the authorities was left with no options instead of opening the dam. This led to the loss of many house and property. Floods occurred by destroying crops and fishing industry for many days.

How To Reach

To reach at this magnificent place you have many options. During the month of August to December is the best time to go as you can experience the best flow at that time. Jog can be reachable with a distance of 30 kilometres that is 19 miles from Sagara or even from Bangalore by covering 379 kilometres that is 235 miles. From Bangalore and Hubli you can even catch a bus directly to Jog Falls. The closest bus stations here will be Jog in Sagara. You have many options to reach here by bus.

Apart from buses, you can even reach here by train. Shivamogga is the nearest station. From Bangalore you can catch a train to Shivamogga and then a bus to Jog Falls.

Airports like Hubli, Mangalore and Belgaum are the three airports that are close here. In Face you can reach at this place by catching a flight to Bangalore.

The water flows at this place is with a rate of 5,387 cu ft/s or you can say 153 m³/s. From this you can easily understand the speed and force of this waterfall. So it is advisable to you that do not play with your life. Well, you can try trekking there and can also walk around this magnificent spot. For this you should take a guide along with you. You can see a wonderful location around, full of greenery and in between the water flows by spreading a melodious sound.


No doubt this is a supreme place you would have ever seen. For accommodations you can prefer home stay named as Stay at Mathunga. This is a popular place where you can stay and rest. You will even get a camping site here. Guest house, restaurant and Dhaba can also be found in the nearby area. Besides site seeing and trekking, you can also watch mammals, birds and also reptiles.

Best Time to Visit

Wonderful place that is worth visiting, Jog Falls is not at all a common type of fall. You will find many falls but not like this that makes this fall entirely different from rest of the falls. Try climbing up to see the city around. The rest of the area around is filled with forests. Apart from this, the Swarna Nadi is a river and is worth a visit though. So plan a trip to Jog Falls only during monsoon to see a beautiful site with the natural colors that are spreading by the Sky, Greenery, Water and Land.

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