Popular Places To Visit in Coorg

Coorg is an administrative center of the state of Karnataka and occupies its southwestern region. It is also called the ‘Scotland of India.’ Coorg travel in India can be labeled as one of the most enchanting and delightful travels. Coorg is located among the feet of the Brahmagiri hills and is enclosed by fragrant coffee land areas and regions and shining rivers and streams. It is also home to the most significant Tibetan group in the nation.

Its long-standing and conventional name is Kodagu and the territorial dominion covers an area of around forty-one hundred square kilometers on the Western Ghats. It is called the Scotland of India due to its exuberant, abundant, and large green surroundings and environment. The capital of this district is Madikeri. The tourists traveling in Coorg find it hilly and very pleasantly cool. It consists of tall peaks, productive land areas, and important rivers.

Coorg receives heavy rains during the months of July and August and very light rains during the month of November. Here, compact and heavy forests exist, and they comprise ample kinds of plants and animals. Coorg is also home to some very important towns. The majority of Coorg is seen as fertile with coffee plantations, paddy fields, and other crops. The kind of honey that is extracted from its forests is of very good quality and is considered completely pure.

It consists of about four wildlife parks and rare and different kinds of species of both animals and plants. Various types of religions, races, social values, and designed sculptures exist and all of them roll into one common component to delight first-time visitors as well as travel and tourism fans. It can be reached by road from both Mangalore as well as Bangalore. While indulging in Coorg travel in India, the tourists need not bother about their food arrangements and accommodations.

Easy, comfortable, and well-spaced rooms and good quality and tasty food items are available to tantalize their sensations and meet all their travel and tourism needs and demands. There are multiple activities that they can involve themselves in. Along with this, there are multiple natural locations and scenic destinations that they can see, experience, and enjoy.

The Nagarhole National Park

Dhole in Nagarhole National Park

Also known as the Rajiv Gandhi National Park, it is the most popular and perfect tourist site. It is placed at a distance of about thirteen kilometers from Coorg and is apt for sightseeing and relaxing. It spreads across a land region of about six hundred and forty-three square kilometers and saves the wild animals of Karnataka. This region is also the biggest secure and fortified region of Karnataka and started functioning in 1955.

The Rajiv Gandhi National Park is treated equally to other superior wildlife parks in India. The animals which exist here are more in number and are also better, health-wise, than in the other adjacent, nearby and connected national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. The fresh and forceful waterfalls are something that adds further charm and beauty to it.

Wayanad National Park

Wayanad National Park

This national park is located at a distance of about twelve kilometers from Coorg. It is basically an animal sanctuary and is also the location and dwelling place for many wild animals and rare types of birds. This national park was formed, settled, and affected in 1973.

It shares its boundary with Kerala and is the second-largest park in the same. Its unique green surroundings and rare wild animals and birds are vital to the existence of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. The ‘Protect Elephant’ project encompasses this park and some of the most vulnerable kinds of both flora and fauna can be traced here.

Iruppu Waterfalls

Iruppu Waterfall

Situated at a distance of only seven kilometers from Coorg, the Iruppu waterfalls are a major satisfaction to the eyes of the tourists. The effervescent, twinkling, starry, and shiny waters flowing down through this waterfall fall into the river Kaveri at the end. The cool, green, and peaceful circumstances, weather conditions, and ambiance make it a perfect picnic spot for the tourists, wherein they can wind up and spend some of their quality time.

Brahmagiri Hills

Brahmagiri Hills

The colorful, lively, rich, and splendid hills of Brahmagiri located in the Western Ghats are exciting and fun to travelers and visitors. These hills are located only about half a kilometer from Coorg and are the right destinations for trekkers, adventure seekers, and climbers.

They contain wonderful paths and routes that are hard enough to invite trekkers from all corners of the globe. Many stunning and scenic streams emerge from the rocks located amidst the forests of these hills. Also, the presence of historical caves adds to the appearance and appeal of the entire place. The Brahmagiri hills are a must-watch for the tourists and should be included in their traveling program or itinerary.

Rafting Point

Rafting Point

The Rafting Point is situated in a space of around twenty kilometers from Coorg and is the perfect holidaying and vacationing spot. It consists of timorous and fearful waters, wherein the travelers get to indulge in some fun and racy water adventure sports with the help of professional guides. The professional guides get the tourists’ adrenaline pumping and also make them experience the joy of the frozen and frosty waters of the crazy river flowing down the side. So this point is a must-visit for all the visitors and travelers.

Kuruva Island

Kuruva Island

Located at a distance of around twenty-two kilometers from Coorg, the Kuruva island spans an area of about nine hundred and fifty acres of land. It is very lively and colorful, with the birds twirling and the lush green forests around it. This island relaxes the tourists and makes them peaceful and comfortable.

The Tea Estate and the Thirunelli Temple are some of the other popular and hot tourist destinations in Coorg.
Thus, Coorg travel in India is simply mind-blowing and gorgeous, as it helps the tourists with discovering new exotic places and also helps them with indulging in wildlife and sports adventurous activities, both of which, make them happy and contented.

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