Top Tourist Attraction in Pune You Cannot Miss

Pune is one of the most flamboyant, cultured and historically steeped-up places of India. It boasts of a resplendent, divine and illustrious history, longstanding ethnic and social practices and stunning and impressive parks, caves and gardens, each of which has a history and story behind it. It is the social centre as well as the cultural capital of Maharashtra. Much of its greatness can be associated with its yesteryears. It is the most preferred destination (among some others) of the majority of the foreign students who come here in search of good educational opportunities and high profile jobs in reputed companies. This is why, Pune is also called the Oxford of the East and attracts many tourists and visitors.

Pune is house to some of the most attractive shops, scenic locations and hot historical places and travel spots of the state and is also famous for its wonderful forts and hills. The forts and hills of Pune look simply majestic and attract the tourists with their splendor. The influencing and majestic appeal of this unusual and old city also lies in its beautifully constructed forts, roads, theatres and hotels and in its charming temples and museums.

Pune is placed right near the overlapping point of two famous rivers, namely Mutha and Mula. This city’s celebrated past goes back to more than one thousand and six hundred years ago when it was ruled by some of the most notable and ‘royally-affluent’ families. Visiting the Oxford of the East, Pune, covers some of these popular travel and tourist destinations.

Aga Khan Palace

Aga Khan Palace

The Aga Khan Palace is also called the Gandhi National Memorial and was constructed many years back in 1892. Later on, it was dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi. It is one of the most prominent and outstanding historical memorials of India and signifies the country’s independence struggle. It is located on the slopes and sides of River Mula and was presented by Aga Khan IV to the governing authorities of India in remembrance of Gandhiji. This site is made up of light colored sculpture stones from Italy.

It is undoubtedly, one of the most brilliant edifical structures in the ‘Oxford of the East.’ It has been proved that the Mahatma spent some of his last years in this memorial, which is why, some of his remains are still a part of this site and are open for public and tourist display. The Aga Khan Palace is a historical asset of the city and is visited by tourists in large numbers on a daily basis. Many famous and well known freedom fighters, including the Mahatma himself and his wife Kasturba, were kept captive here, under the British rule.

Osho International Ashram and Commune Center

Osho International Ashram

This world famous and renowned ashram is also called the ashram of ‘Bhagwaan Rajneesh’ and covers an area of more than thirty acres of land in the stunning and posh area of Koregaon park in Pune. It is one of the premier and stellar tourist and travel attractions for all those visitors who are the disciples of Rajneesh and obey and go as per his teachings, policies and principles.

The centre and ashram is located amidst lush green surroundings and has huge swimming pools, light-colored stone, artistic and carved shaped pathways and refined, graceful and neatly designed dark and bleak edifical constructions and formations. It is a centre which runs many yoga and meditation courses for the sacred enlightenment, spiritual awakening and health upliftment of the followers of Osho.

These meditation and yoga courses are also taught to the disciples with an intention of providing them with peace and stability and removing stress from their daily lives. New followers and visitors can also join these courses and take active part in them. The centre is available for public visit on every single day of the year. It teaches the individuals, followers and visitors of the ashram to enjoy and attain ‘Nirvana’ by opening up to their sexual needs, meditating and practising other spiritual and religious formalities.

The centre also follows this principle strictly. It also has an attractive and beautiful park nearby, which covers an area of about five hectares of land. This centre is a must-visit for all the tourists who want to experience and see its culture, architectural designs, environment, and principles, which are different from any other religious and spiritual centre.

Katraj Snake Park

Katraj Snake Park

One of the famous travel attractions of Pune, it is an uncommon spot wherein the tourists get to see and explore different kinds of snakes, reptiles and their species. The snakes can be viewed by them from close proximity. This park was founded and began functioning in 1986 and is placed near Pune on the highway of Pune-Satara at Katraj. Alongwith these reptiles, it also consists of various kinds of turtles and birds, a garden and a zoo. The lengthy King Cobra and the unique Brown Regional Viverrine mammal are the major attractions among others.

Splash Mountain Water Park

Splash Mountain Water Park

The Splash Mountain Water Park is a superior and well equipped water or acquatic entertainment and recreational park in Pune and is the master-mind creation of some individual businessmen of Pune. It has a broad variety of climbs and rides, all of which end up pushing, propelling and directing the audiences and visitors towards the water. It is one of the largest water recreational parks of the country and consists of multiple swimming pools, which are shallow and safe.

The entrance tickets of the tourists give them access to all its entertaining rides and also provides them with a delicious lunch. This is the place that gives them hundred percent client satisfaction, enjoyment and fun. The audiences move, glide, pass and slide through different types of fun and long slopes and amusive and lengthy inclined tubes and fall in the water. Experiencing something like this is very exciting and fun. This park is completely safe for everybody, even for non-swimmers and no loss of life or property has ever been reported.

Appu Ghar

Appu ghar pune

Situated near the Pune-Mumbai highway at Pradhikaran, it is also lovingly called the Mini-Disneyland. It is a fun recreational parkland with swings, merry-go-rollers, wheeler coasters and other mechanical devices which offer joyful and entertaining rides to its people and audiences. This is the preferred and perfect visiting place for many tourists who want to spend quality time and enjoy and relax with their relatives and friends. This is a good hanging out place for childeren as well as adults. The rides offered are available for both the adults and children. Appu Ghar can be reached by the tourists very easily by travelling by city buses that function at a daily and standard basis.

Mulshi Lake and Dam

Mulshi Lake

Also a perfect picnic spot, the Mulshi lake is settled and situated in the constructional and structural region of the Mulshi Dam and is a prime travel attraction. It is encircled by and enclosed with chromatic forests, beautiful and stunning spots, old forts and the Sahyadri hills. The ancient defensive structures and fortresses of Dhangadh and Koraigadh and the thick forests in and around this area are very pleasing to the human eyes and are apt for nature lovers.

Saras Bagh and Bund Garden

Bund Garden Pune

Saras Bagh is situated within a space of about one kilometre from Swargate and is mainly renowned for its pleasant and stunning scenic background of a Ganapathi temple and natural green plants and grasses. Bund Garden is located at a space of around two kilometres from the railway station of Pune and provides attractive and appealing eye shots of the plushy green ambience of Pune to the tourists.

Both these gardens are utilized by the people of Pune as favorite hanging-out destinations. Taking boat rides and watching migratory birds, here, add to their charm and beauty. Thus, visiting the Oxford of the East, Pune, is a must for the tourists, as this helps them with exploring its charming museums, shops, parks and temples.

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