List of Famous Tourist Destination in Mathura

Mathura is a city in India and is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is socially, mythologically and culturally significant and is famous as the capital of Braj Bhoomi and is also considered to be the birth site of Lord Krishna.

It is a city which is easily identifiable by its stunning and wonderful Ghats, temple towers and steeples and patronizing and superior gateways that emphasize the magnificence and richness of this town deeply.

This sacred town has so much to provide that the travellers and visitors must have enough time in hand before starting on a trip across this wonderful city and town. The chief tourist attractions in Mathura are mentioned below:

Dwarkadhish Temple

Dwarkadhish Temple Mathura

The Dwarkadhish Temple is one of the most brilliant and wonderful temples of the city and was constructed around 1814. It is situated in the centre of the city and is the most frequently visited temple in Mathura.

It is presently administered and supervised by the disciples of the arranged Vallabha religious faith and is situated towards the easterly direction of the city. This temple is well known and popular for its sculptural impressiveness, grandness and brilliance.

Government Museum

Government Museum

The Government Museum of the city is store to one of the finest compilations of anthropological significance and is situated at Dampiere Park.Very uncommon and antique objects of the Kushan and the Gupta period are presented for demonstration to the audiences and tourists and appear truly magnificent.

These objects belong to the time period from four hundred years before Christ to twelve hundred anno domini. Rich compilations of the architectures of the Mathura School are some of the other things seen and relished by the people. This particular spot boasts of serving as the apt site for an in-depth vision into the analysis and examination of imagography and Indian Arts.

Krishna Janmabhoomi

Krishna Janmabhoomi

Krishna Janmabhoomi is one of the topmost tourist attractions of the city and is highly feared and considered very valuable and precious by the travellers and visitors from all over the nation and the world. It is considered to be the birth site and location of Lord Krishna and is constructed on the site and position of the prison where Lord Krishna took birth.

This temple is the most demanding follower and disciple hub of the city and is preferred over the other important and gripping sacred sites of the city. Multiple documents dug out from this spot bring out evidences and verifications which support the existence of the fabled story of Lord Krishna’s birth. These articles and documents are presented for demonstration to the public in a museum which is situated within a close distance of the chief temple.The surroundings of this temple comprise many other tiny spots of worship of various gods and goddesses. This temple area and region present a prodigious and glorious structure that happens to be the most acquainted site of the Hindu mythological tales.

This is perhaps the only temple of this nation that has witnessed numerous withering and devastating activities of intruders who belonged to the Muslim religion. The current temple goes back to the tenth century and sees a long queue of followers and disciples standing for just one glance of their loved lord on a regular basis.

The temple remains open for the devotees and visitors between seven in the mornings to eight in the evenings on all the days of the week. Mobiles phones are not allowed in the surroundings of and within the temple.


Mathura is a sacred city and boasts of being the birth place of Lord Krishna. This makes it one of the most visited pilgrim sites and disciple hubs of the nation. It is store to multiple calm and beautifully attractive Ghats; twenty five Ghats in total. Each of these twenty five Ghats are linked to Lord Krishna in some aspects or the other.

The followers and disciples of Lord Krishna believe that taking a sacred dip and executing certain specific Poojas and rituals at this spot would rid them of all the sins and make them pure. The Ghats that are situated and distributed towards the north direction of the city are known as Vishram Ghat and those located towards the south direction are known as Moksh Ghats.

It is a traditionally accepted practice for all the followers and disciples to visit all the twenty five Ghats of the city to complete their holy journey.

Gita Mandir

Gita Mandir

As the name suggest, Gita Mandir is a sacred place and site of worship with the whole textual matter of Gita, being engraved and carved on its precincts. This is one of the most worshipped and visited temples of the city and boasts of being constructed by the trade leaders of India. It is a temple, full of charm and magic and shows true representations of brilliant sculptural skills and similar other accomplishments with dainty and intense moldings and pictures.

The holy and religious spot of the temple is embellished with a lovely image of Lord Krishna and looks very attractive. The temple is open to the tourists and public on all the days of the week and is beautifully adorned and beaded during the festivals, functions and joyous jubilations of Janmashtami and Holi.

Vishram Ghat

Vishram Ghat in Mathura

Vishram Ghat occupies a prevailing place amidst all the twenty five ghats of the city. The conventional and accustomed visit to all the religious and sacred sites of the city by the devotees initiates and gets over here. As the whole town is bejeweled and ornamented with the pleasing and incredible mythical stories of Lord Krishna, this Ghat is not an exception.

It is believed that Lord Krishna after killing Kamsa (Kansa) rested and spent some time out here. This Ghat is situated in the midst of many stunning and attractive temples and provides the visitors and travellers with unforgettable and incredible eye-views of the evening Aartis that are held here.

The evening Aarti are a must to see and enjoy and are something that remain etched in their memories for ever. The tiny oil lamps that move on the gentle, shining and shimmering waters and the contemplation of thousands of glossy and lustrous lights on the curved creeks and streams offer fantastic sights.

Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid was built in 1661 by the erstwhile governor of the city and looks amazingly stunning and ravishing. It has four complicatedly embellished towers. These beaded towers are artistically groomed and sealed since their inception and are very pleasing and vivacious in nature. These gallant and majestic structures are very stunning and make this sacred shrine unparallel with respect to the other antique shining sculptural and architectural pieces.

Jama Masjid is located side by side and quite close to the Janmabhoomi temple structures and is very amazing and arresting and creates intense impressions in the minds of the visitors and tourists. It is very crowded with disciples and followers all the time and is a major tourist attraction of Mathura.


Vrindavan Chhata Master Plan

Vrindavan is situated at a distance of around fifteen kilometres towards the north of the city and is intimately linked with Lord Krishna. It is believed that Lord Krishna executed his famous recreational, diversional and artistic tasks and duties here. This is the main reason for it being visited by such a large number of tourists. This town appears ceaselessly to be dreaming and imaginatively, to be re-experiencing its artistic yesteryears.

Vrindavan is house to many Ghats, holy tanks, temples and wells. It is a pilgrimage spot and boasts of being experienced and relished by many devotees and tourists all throughout the year.

Potara Kund

Potara Kund mathura

Potara Kund is one of the chief reference points and locations of the city and is encircled by temples from all the directions. It is actually a region that is enclosed with water and is of vital mythological importance. This Kund is built of big red arenaceous rocks and stones and has a stepped structure. It is a sacred spot and is visited by the tourists in huge numbers.

Different good and holy activities, tasks and undertakings are executed here. The tourists immerse themselves sacredly in the Kund and hope to receive the blessings of Lord Krishna. The rumination and contemplation of the stepped structures and the red walls in the water of the Kund appear very fascinating and wonderful. Potara Kund is the apt picnic spot and is used by the tourists to spend a good time and relax and rejuvenate.

Thus, the tourist attractions in Mathura are distributed across different regions of the city and are very pleasing and charming in nature. Some of the ones that must not be missed at any cost are the temples, Aarti and Ghats.

The entertainment and recreational go- Karting Army Park is situated in the Mayur Vihar, Motikunj Road of the city and is a lot of fun too.

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