Madhyamaheshwar Trek in Uttarakhand

The Madhyamaheshwar temple is situated to the south-west of Kedarnath and a part of Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary. The priest in charge of the temple tells its age to be 5,500 years but the historians say that it may have been built about 1,500 years ago. An older shrine on the ridge some 250 m above Madhyamaheshwar adds to its religious fervor. It calls you to make a visit. Chaukhamba and its accompanying peaks tower above the ridge. Madhyamaheshwar trek is a matter of immense pleasure.

Buda Madmaheshwar

Ideal season to trek Madhyamaheshwar: It is from October to November, also mid of August.

Location of Madhyamaheshwar: It is located in Madhyamaheshwar Ganga valley, Rudraprayag district.

Trekking Madhyamaheshwar

Day 1: Uniana-Bantoli

Shortly outside Uniana, the jeep track fades slowly. Now you have to carry on foot to Ransi. Stretching along the Madhyamaheshwar Ganga valley, this stretch ascends. After Uniana, the path drops into the forests along the river. After walking 7 kms, there are succeeded switchbacks through the thickest part of the forest, leveling to meet a water stream. 50 mts. later barley marks the trek’s low point. From here, the path ascends along the river’s right bank and rises to Gondhar.

This is a large settlement and a customary stoppage on the trek but walking a little more is advisable. After less than a kilometer, another bridge spans the Saraswati River as it falls into the Madhyamaheshwar stream. A 10 mins climb from here will take you to Vishwa Lodge at Bantoli. Here you can have elating vistas of the river and an alluring glance of the Mandakini peak.

Day 2: Bantoli- Madhyamaheshwar

The path continues northwest from Bantoli as it ascends past Khatara to Nanu. After Nanu, the oak forest grows darker. It is a bit of trail but the altitude is not wobbly and capricious. The path exists from the forest as it moves around the mountain to appear at the Madhyamaheshwar meadow.

Day 3: Madhyamaheshwar-Budha Madhyamaheshwar and back

You reach the top of the ridge lying to the northwest of the temple. If you are at the ridge by mid-morning, you see a meadow having ample spots to admire. From them you appreciate Chaukhamba Peak the most.

Day 4: Madhyamaheshwar-Bantoli

Retrace your steps to Bantoli.

Day 5: Bantoli-Uniana

Return to Ukhimath or Suyal Saur or if you have legs, take a guide and explore the trekking option which is described below-

Trekking option

Day 4: Madhyamaheshwar-Kanchani Tal

Stretch to Kanchani Tal is a strenuous one. You can also try the lake to north-east to Madhyamaheshwar which is located at the height of 4,570 m. behind the temple, the path leads out to Kanchani Khal (4,200m) and then beyond to the Kanchani Tal Lake. Here you can camp and relax.

Day 5: Rest today and boost up your vigor.

Day 6: Return back to Madhyamaheshwar.

Days 7 and 8: Return back to Uniana

Madhyamaheshwar trek gives colossal pleasure. During the months of monsoon, the alpine meadows around Madhyamaheshwar are said to give bloom to more than a hundred species of wild flowers. This adds to the floral factor of the Madhyamaheshwar zone. Madhyamaheshwar temple acts as a close copy of Tungnath which acts as the sibling of the former. Trekking Madhyamaheshwar makes you explore the heights of the Himalayas along with witnessing its unbeatable beauty and the depth of religious roots in India.

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