Best Places to Visit in Indore

There are multiple tourist places in Indore that need to be seen, experienced and enjoyed during a trip to the city. It is a city with affluent ethnic and social practices and customs.

The modern city was once dominated by many gallant and heroic rulers who passed on their rich heritage, traditions and culture to it in the forms of different ancient memorial structures and spiritual spots.

Indore City

It has multiple sites, spots and locations that manage to transfix and capture the tourists and visitors. Its ancient arts and historical mysteries, the stunning edifical structural designs and the splendorful and great architectures are its chief tourist highlights.

Indore is situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh and has the following absorbing and gripping tourist places.

Chokhi Dhani

Chokhi Dhani and Nakhrali Dhani are the two famous heritage and custom resorts of the state and are situated towards the outer boundaries of this wonderful city. These holiday resorts resemble and look like the typical Rajasthani villages of India.

They provide their visitors and tourists with various kinds of contemporary and fun recreational and relaxation amenities and with the exactly representated village ambience and surroundings.

Central Museum

Also called the Indore Museum, it is one of the favorite and riveting edifical structures and constructions of the city. It is the right place and a delight and pleasure for all those visitors and travellers who are mesmerized and spellbound by the ancient time periods and past of India and the wealthy and thriving culture and society that prospered here.


A stylish, fascinating and fashionable group of centotaphs, it was constructed in remembrance of the Holkar rulers and is a perfect and beautiful sample of the sculptural and architectural trends of the Maratha rulers, who were excellent architects.

These historical structures are constructed of pits, crystals and gemstones and have maintained their charm and magic for the past many years.

These are the imperial tombs of the past rulers and are situated on the reserves and slopes of the Khan River. These are also the brilliant and stunning remains of a celebrated and bright historic time period and are exemplary and voguish Maratha edifical structures with pointed spires, steeples and sculptural roofs and ceilings.

All of these are decorated with lights at nights and look very magnificent and magical to the eyes of the tourists and the travellers. The neatly scenic and gorgeous surroundings of these chhatris add to their beauty and charm.

Lal Bagh Palace

The Lal Bagh Palace is one of the most popular, fascinating and favorite buildings of the city and is situated on the outer boundaries of Indore.

It lies towards the south west direction and is three-storied. It is situated on the slopes and reserves of the Khan River and was constructed between the time period, spanning the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century.

It spreads across twenty eight hectares and is one of the most alive, impressive and distinguised evidences of the Holkar family.

It represents their civilisation, taste, society, richness and lavishness, and is the hereditary palace and hall of this heroic and gallant regime. It also signifies the life trends of the Holkar rulers and boasts of scenic gardens and grand sculptural designs.

It now serves the purpose of a museum and is open to the public and tourists from ten in the mornings till five in the evenings. It also displays a group of old articles and makes the palace visit-worthy and even more interesting.

Kaanch Mandir

The Kaanch Mandir, as the name signifies, is a famous temple that is constructed of mirrors and glass. Also called the Seth Hukumchand Temple, it was constructed around the early twentieth century and is a wonderful Jain temple made up of glass.

It attracts the attention of many tourists and is considered a unique and showy temple. Each side of this temple is arranged and set with glass.

The temple also has an intricate and complex structure of glass pictures and graphic arts that have been made with dedication beyond the normal call of duty. This fact makes it very remarkable and stunning.

The unique glass enclosure at the topmost side of the temple has a lifted and elevated statue of Mahavira, which gives it increased stylish impressions and appearances.

A brilliant view constructed of glass and shining with the grandness of the sun, it is indeed and truly an amazing piece of work and is simply exciting and out-of-the-world.


Rajwada is the ancient and the cultural palace of the Holkars and was constructed around two centuries earlier. It is situated and placed near the chhatris in the principle square and has a reach of seven-stories.

Rajwada lies in the heart of the city and speaks volumes of the rich culture and heritage of the Holkar family.

It is a must-see palace and is a good example of various kinds of rich sculptural designs and trends. It appears very graceful and is store to a magnificent garden, stilted and contrived waterfalls and well-set jet springs.

It caught fire three times and still holds its greatness and efficacy. It is an equivalent of the city and is something that gets etched in the memories of all the tourists and visitors.


Patalpani is a beautiful and gorgeous spot and a site that is situated in the residential area and region of this city. It is one of the favorite tourist destinations due to its scenic showering and dropping waterfalls and the calm and cool environment. It is the apt spot for nature lovers and its falling waters have a reach and extent of around two hundred to three hundred feet.

This seems very bewitching and captivating and arrests the first-time tourists and visitors for a while. What’s really astounding is the fact that this deep reach of the water settled at the lowermost side of this waterfall is not yet understood by people and remains a mystery.

This waterfall lies on a hilly tract and provides the tourists, travellers and visiitors with ample number of adventerous possibilities and chances they can indulge in. Patalpani is the apt hill station, wherein one can enjoy the cascading waterfalls and the beauty and calmness of nature.

Nehru Park

Nehru Park is the oldest and a popular tourist spot of the city. It is situated and placed in the heart of Indore and was constructed by the Britishers during their stay here.

This park was meant only for the Britishers before India gained independence and was named Nehru Park after freedom. The park boasts of multiple amenities, mini-cars and trains and different types of roses for its visitors and tourists.

Sukh Niwas Palace

Yet another memorial of historical significance, the Sukh Niwas Palace was that palace of the Holkar rulers that gave them shelter during the summers and is an unforgettable and persistent account of the yesteryears.

Its lake and the lavish green ambience and environment of a gorgeous and splendid garden gives a magical and attractive appearance to this impressive and glorious summer palace.

A submerged passageway that links the Old Palace with the Sukh Niwas Palace is extraordinary and stunning. The Sukh Niwas Palace reflects and outpours with ancient culture and traditions and shows a perfect blend of Western and Indian sculptural designs.

This palace, now serves the roles and functions of a holiday and picnic spot for the tired and jovial tourists and entices them with its charm and magic.

Bada Ganpati

Also called the large Ganpati, it was constructed in 1875 and is one of the prides of the city. It is renowned due to the fact that it is store to the biggest ganpati sculpture in the entire globe. Due to this, it finds its name in the Guinness Book of World Records.

This divine statue stands at a height of eight metres from the crown to the foot. It was constructed from a strange combination of saccharides, sedimentary rocks and stones, ceramic building materials and clay from the stables of horses and elphants. Some of its other constructional ingredients are water and sacred soil from major pilgrim sites.

This strange mix of building ingredients gives it a magical effect and influences the devotees very greatly. The statue’s supporting structure is constructed from valuable and rare metals and looks amazingly beautiful.

The Ganpaty deity is considered to banish untruth, fear and all other obstacles and is thus, greatly respected by the Hindus. Thus, this statue is considered to be as the ideal sculpture to be worshipped and is visited by tourists and travellers from all across the world, also on account of its big size.

Mahatma Gandhi Hall

Also called the Town Hall, it is one of the most charming and stunning buildings of the city and was constructed in 1904. Its construction and design represents that of an Indo-Gothic one and was constructed in Seoni pits, rocks and gems.

Its brilliant roofs, spires, ceilings and towers are the reference structures of the city. The hall has a clock spire towards its frontal end. This clock spire is known the Ghanta Ghar.

The cardinal hall has a capacity of housing and sheltering around two thousand people simultaneously and conducts drawing, arts and book trade fairs and presentations on a regular basis all round the year.

Some of the rarest novels and English and Hindi Literature text books can be found in this book exhibition. This building is also house to a children’s park, a library and a temple.

Thus, the tourist places in Indore comprise of many scenic and stunning historical sites and spots, attractive tourist resorts, museums and glorious places of worship for the Hindus as well as for the Catholics, namely the White Church, the Annapurna Temple and the Red Church.

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