Best Places to Visit in Kanpur

Kanpur is located on the reserves of the perpetual and everlasting holy River Ganga and is one of the chief business enterprise hubs of North India.

This city has its own spiritual, ancient, sacred and mercantile significance and boasts of sprawling markets, shops, gardens, lakes, temples and other hot tourist spots and travel destinations.

Kanpur City

It is spread across an area of around three thousand five square kilometres and is placed at a height of about one hundred and twenty six metres above sea level.

A trip to Kanpur can’t be complete without visiting the following tourist spots, places and sites.

Phool Bagh

Phool Bagh is situated and placed at Mall Road in the heart of the city and is a very old park. This old park is store to the Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Memorial Hall and the Ganesh Udyan building.

After the first world war, this particular Ganesh Udyan building was established and accepted as a medical science hospital and provided health care services to its patients for quite some time.

The large edifical structures situated within the surroundings of this park, point towards its large regional areas and magnitude.

These buildings are used openly to hold various conferences and seminars and are situated towards the heart of the city.

These buildings are store to a public library and a holiday house. Many famous flower events of the city are held in this park on an annual basis.

Allen Forest Zoo

The Allen Forest Zoo was set-up in 1971 and has been active since then. It is famous for being one of the top most zoos of the nation and is the ideal location and site for having fun get-togethers, sightseeing and spending a nice holiday.

With a scenic and charming ambience and atmosphere, it is the proper place to hang out and spend quality time in. It is house to different kinds of plants and animals and serves as the ideal location for outdoor activities and adventure outings.

Besides wild animals, various kinds of reptiles and birds are also seen and enjoyed by the tourists and visitors.
Some of the wild animals present here are monkeys, deer, antelopes, cheetahs, leopards, tigers and hyenas, among many others.

Some of the wild birds found and seen here are parrots, ostriches, parakeets, cranes and European fowls. The beautiful and stunning eye-views of these surrounding animals, plants and environment act as sheer delights to the eyes of the tourists and leave them fascinated and in wonder.

This famous and wonderful zoo remains open for the public and tourists on all the days of the week, except on Mondays.

Valmiki Ashram

Valmiki Ashram is the name of an ashram, which lies on a knoll and offers scenic and stunning eye-shots of the environment around it and the city.

It is the apt location and site for all those who love sightseeing and admire natural beauty and also for all those who are interested in mythology. The past of this ashram goes back to the era of Ramayana.

The mound on which this ashram lies is believed to be the same mound, where Sita came and stayed after being shown out the door of the kingdom by Lord Rama.

Sita stayed on this knoll and also gave birth to her twin sons, Lav and Kush during her exile. Thus, this ashram and mound are of extreme mythological significance and boasts of being the actual sites from where Sita vanished into the lap of nature, after being asked to return to the kingdom by Lord Rama.

Patthar Ghat

As the city of Kanpur boasts of being a location to orthodox, spiritual and holy attractions, it has a hub of hindu pilgrims, with the hub being known as Bithoor.

Patthar Ghat is placed on the slopes of River Ganges in Bithoor. Patthar Ghat was constructed out of chromatic stones and is a recreation and diversion site for the followers.

The construction of this ghat resembles the outstanding and brilliant architecture in the yesteryears of India.

The ghat is house to a temple that is devoted to Lord Shiva and is visited in large numbers by disciples, worshippers and followers from the multiple corners of India and the world.

This temple is unique in its own ways and boasts of being store to a ‘shivalinga’, which is designed and developed out of philosopher’s stones.


Jajmau is a knoll-like hill and is situated and placed on the easterly extremity of the city. It earns a high rank among the historical and old cities of the area and is a residential district and hub of the city.

It is placed on the slopes of the holy River Ganga and is a developed commercial enterprise hub, which is store to lots of tanneries and leather.

Diggings and minings done here by the Archaeological Survey of India earlier indicate that this particular residential district goes back millions of years ago and is also house to an old mosque.

Some other famous mosques and worship sites are found and seen within its surroundings.

Kamla Retreat

Kamla Retreat is a property belonging to the Singhania dynasty and is located and placed on the Kanpur Nehru Road of the city.

It is store to some fabulous and stunning lawns, parks and museums and is the apt site to relax and enjoy, along with relatives and family members.

It also merges a few of its water canals and provides the tourists, travellers and visitors with boating and entertainment facilities.

This estate also has a swimming pool, which is fitted with devices that generate stilted and contrived waves. This property is store to a wonderful museum as well.

This museum is house to many diverse types of historical compilations and ancient artifacts and other antique pieces. This land belongs to the Singhania family and can’t be visited by the tourists and visitors unless the visiting permission has been granted by the Deputy General Manager of Administration.

Nana Rao Park

The Nana Rao Park is a renowned and famous park of Kanpur and is situated in the heart of the district of the city. In the olden times, this park was known as Memorial Well and was built in the memory of British women and children.

These women and children lost their lives during the revolt of 1857.The park now stands as a well looked after and a well taken care of park and is flecked and patterned with the sculptures of some of the most famous freedom fighters of this nation.

Two more chief tourist attractions of this park are an old banyan tree with a lot of diachronic importance, and its longstanding and conventional gymnasium, plant nursery and swimming pool.

Jain Glass Temple

The Jain Glass Temple is a religious spot and worshipping site and is a place where prayers and reverances of the Jain followers are offered to the gods.

It was built in the ancient conventional and orthodox style of architecture and is beaded and decorated with mirror work and glass. It also shows jewelled and adorned roofs, marble floors and beaded and curved structures.

The demonstration of wall paintings and pictures made of discoloured and varnished glass is the main attraction of this temple.

These wall paintings and pictures are creatively and stunningly engraved and molded and represent the learnings of certain sacred and religious writings belonging to the Jains.

The temple is also enclosed with the sculptures of Lord Mahavira on a large base and cornerstone.

Moti Jheel

Moti Jheel is a famous drinking water tank and a lake of the city and has a children’s park and abutting gardens.

This lake and water store were built during the British era and is a famous tourist attraction and one of the top most significant and key entertainment and picnic spots in this entire industrial city.

Indian Institute of Technology

The Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, is one of the most leading and bright colleges of the nation and is situated at a distance of about fifteen kilometres towards the west direction of the city.

It is the second best engineering college of the nation and has very high academic standards. The campus area spans across four hundred and twenty hectares of land.

Its chief objectives and targets are to offer its students with important learnings, trainings and leadership in engineering creation and initiation for the industrial enhancement, development and advancement of the nation.

This college also concentrates on holding authentic investigations to their toppest orders. Initially, it started with just hundred students and very few faculty members, but boasts of three thousand students and one thousand two hundred faculty members at present.

This is one of the leading educational institutes of the world that represents the wealthy social and ethnical multifariousness of India.

Thus, trip to Kanpur is very interesting and gripping, offering various tourist spots and travel sites which end up enchanting and mesmerizing the travellers and visitors from all across the world.

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