Places to Visit In and Around Panipat

Panipat is a popular destination in the state of Haryana in India and is considered a vital travel and tourist place in this incredible tourist nation due to its intense historical affiliations and innumerable memorials.

This ancient town is responsible for attracting multiple tourists due to its famous forts and temples. Some of the many tourist spots and places in this town are well-kept and hold the attention of history, culture, tradition, and religious enthusiasts from all over the nation.

Panipat also boasts of sculptural wonders and other religious and holy locations and sites. The city can be reached by both trains and buses.

It is one of the famous tourist spots in India and is reachable even by flight. Generally, long journeys by buses are quite cumbersome and make the travelers feel very uneasy and tired.

Hence, it is preferable to reach Panipat by trains and flights only. This ancient city is situated at a distance of around ninety-two kilometers from Delhi and is known to most of the people of this country.

Some Famous Tourist Attractions in Panipat are described as:

Panipat Museum

Panipat Museum

The Panipat Museum was particularly set up and accepted for displaying data about the history, archaeology, and crafts and arts of the state with specific importance on the battles fought in the town, which made a significant change in the yesteryears of this nation.

Many ancient pieces, artistic creations and carvings, jewelry, potteries, pieces of writing, documents, arms, tools and instruments, and arts and crafts are demonstrated through photographs, maps, translates, and so on.

Besides all these, the museum also showcases the past and present of this historic city and creates awareness about the same. It throws light into the lives, ethnicity, habits, attires, culture and customs of some of the most famous warriors of the town, and reflects their sacrifices and accomplishments.

Some of the compilations present here have been brought from the Delhi National Museum and add further glory and charm to this site of historical, cultural and educational interest.

This museum is visited in large numbers by tourists and history enthusiasts from all across the nation and globe and makes them relive and experience the history, traditions, and culture of India.

The Panipat Museum remains open for the public and visitors from ten in the mornings to five in the evenings. The entry fee per head is cheap, being only Rs 10. So, this museum acts as a treat for the eyes at a low price.

Kabuli Bagh

Kabuli Bagh

The Kabuli Bagh Garden, present alongside a storage vessel and mosque, was constructed by Babur after the prototypical conflict to celebrate his triumph over Ibrahim Lodhi.

After a few years, when Humayun subjugated Salem Shah, quite close to Panipat, he added a horizontal surface (made from stones) to it, which bore the writing ’934 Hijri.’

The garden and these buildings still remain standing under the name of Kabuli Bagh. A huge number of travelers and visitors gather here to watch its unique and magical sculptural trends.

It is a religious shrine and is also better known as a historical memorial than a temple.

The Grave of Ibrahim Lodhi

The Grave of Ibrahim Lodhi

The Grave of Ibrahim Lodhi is more like a tomb and is placed near a Tehsil Office at Panipat. Ibrahim Lodhi struggled ferociously against his uncle Babur in the first battle of Panipat and was killed and entombed at this site.

Sher Shah Suri, while dying, expressed his sadness and dejection over not being able to fulfill his wish of constructing a tomb for the descended ruler.

After many years, the English men straightened a flat horizontal surface over the site with short Urdu writing etched on it. The grave or tomb is not complex in nature like the other historical tombs and attracts the eyes of a large number of tourists and visitors interested in the past battles and historical traditions of Panipat.

Devi Temple

The Devi Temple is a shrine and is devoted to the local God of the town. It is situated on the reserve of a gigantic storage vessel.

A Shiva Temple, which is considered to be constructed by a famous Maratha, also stands next to it. The Devi Temple is mainly famous for its old and magical architectural designs and unique magnificence.

Devotees from all across the city come here to offer their reverences to the gods and goddesses.

Kala Amb

Kala Amb

Kala Amb is a famous tourist site and is situated at a distance of around eight kilometres from the town. It is located at a space of about forty two kilometres from Karnal and is the witness site to the third battle of Panipat.

This spot has a ceramic pillar with a cast-iron and strong rod and the construction is covered by an iron wall. The site is being enhanced and amended by a social group, with the Governor of the state as its president.

The countryside is no less famous than the town itself and has various tourist spots and monuments of sculptural curiosity and enthusiasm.

The Kala Amb acts as a memorial spot of a huge number of Maratha warriors who died in the third battle of Panipat and is linked with a black mango tree, which was present earlier and is no longer visible.

The memorial was named after this black mango tree and has a pillar that is made up of bricks. Many hotels are present near the Kala Amb and provide the tourists and visitors with numerous living, food, water, and other fundamental facilities.

Salar Jung Gate

Salar Jung Gate

The Salar Jung Gate is located in the heart of the town of Panipat and attracts tourists from all across the nation. It is very famous for its unique and beautiful sculptural designs and arouses curiosity and involvement in everybody.

It is a strong gate and has a market that is located nearby. The gate is also very gigantic in size and has a lot of sculptural and historical significance.

Shri Ram Sharnam

Shri Ram Sharnam

Shri Ram Sharnam is the name of a shrine and is dedicated to Lord Ram and the self-giving services of honesty and humaneness in the war-disturbed town of Panipat.

Its assembly halls are filled with blessings of the Lord, prayers of the worshippers, and the self-esteem of the devotees, and the ambiance is perfused with love, sympathy, compassion, and dedication.

These are some of the factors that are responsible for drawing huge number of devotees. This particular shrine has its centres spread across the different regional areas of India and outside India.

Shri Ram Sharnam carries the unique distinction of being the only prayer hall that was ushered in by Swami Satyanandji in 1960.

It is considered highly esteemed and prestigious in nature. It is also considered highly glorious and motivational and is one of the highly worshipped places and sites of India.

The in-charge of this temple has contributed greatly in order to convert this shrine into a respected spot for offering reverences to Lord Ram.

That’s one of the reasons it is visited in huge numbers by tourists and worshippers from all across India and the world. It is one of the favorite meditation and chanting sites of devotees and tourists from every possible angle of the world and the country.

It also acts a site where people gather to attain peace of mind and wherein Bhajans, Kirtans and Satsangs are chanted and held. It has a stunningly attractive garden situated in its heart and also has a few shopping malls near it.

Hemu’s Samadhi Sthal

Hemu’s Samadhi Sthal

Hemu Chandra Vikramaditya was one of the great Indian fighters and conquerors whose motive and objective was to set up Hindu rule in the northern region of India.

His memorial is another example of the heroic past of India. The locals have slowly managed to enter the area around the memorial. The Samadhi is very badly preserved and needs to be saved from different kinds of disturbances.

The Tomb of Qalandar

The Tomb of Kalandar

The Tomb of Qalandar, also known as the memorial of Qalandar, belongs to a Sufi saint of the thirteenth century and is visited in large numbers by devotees who offer prayers every Thursday.

It is an old edificial structure and is house to many flies. This makes it a fairly dirty and unsafe place. Though it was visited by tourists in the olden times, the unhygienic conditions now pose a threat to their health.

This is one of the reasons for a sharp decline in the number of its tourists and visitors.

Thus, the tourist attractions in Panipat bring in a lot of revenue and are must-visits while visiting this town in the state of Haryana in India.

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