Tourist Places in Visakhapatnam

Vishakapatnam is often referred to as one of the most splendorful and packed centres of India. It also plays the function of the defence centre and unit of the India’s Eastern Naval Command and is full of defence activities. Lately, there has been a sharp increase in its tourism activities, as it is well blessed and equipped with beautiful and gorgeous beaches, delightful and charming sceneries, wealthy and valuable social and ethnical tastes, attitudes and a privileged past.

It has three charming stony and rough hilly ranges, namely the Porlupolam Hill, the Kailasha Hill and the Yarada Hill, all of which serve the purpose of its stunning background and also improve the appeal, attractiveness and high-spiritedness of this beautiful city port. This city is lovingly and affectionately known as Vizag by the Indians and is quite a famous travel and tour destination of the nation. Some of the many famous and renowned tourist places in Vishakapatnam are mentioned below.

Araku Valley

Araku Valley

The Araku Valley is situated at an elevation of about three thousand and one hundred feet above the sea level in the Anatagiri Hills and is a beautiful hill station near this city. It is endowed with stunning waterfalls, captivating and fascinating water streams, good weather and fully loaded and rich land sceneries. This valley is occupied and colonized with seventeen tribal group societies and is the reason for capturing the attention of multiple crusaders, reformers and conservationalists, nature enjoyers, likers and visitors and travellers from all parts of the world.

A specific type of dance, known as the Dhimsa dance is very popular here, and it is often accompanied by abundant and comfortable ethnical and social shows and events. The dancers of these events wear vivid, bright and vibrant kinds of attire and dresses. This particular dance is also attended and joined into by some very beautiful and soft rythmic and melodious songs. A particular festival called the Itika Pongal is observed in and around this area with a lot of joy and fervour.

Bheemli Beach

Bheemunipatnam Beach

Also called the Bheemunipatnam beach, it is a beach which is very tranquil and easy-going in nature. It is situated at the meeting point of the Bay of Bengal and the Gosthani River. This beach can be easily recognized by the remains of a seventeenth century memorial monument and a military post. Legends say that this was a Dutch colony and area earlier. It is a perfect and harmless spot for swimmers as well. It has invigorating and fresh environment and an awesome weather as well. The copious foliage and the bordered and seamed palm tree forests and woods around it make it a very prized, valued and esteemed beach among everybody and especially, the tourists.

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Dolphin’s Nose

Dolphin's Nose Lighthouse,Vizag

Located at a height of about one hundred and seventy four metres above the sea level, it is a gigantic and hugely bouldered and unsmooth foreland in the southern region of the town and city. The huge rock matches in size and shape with that of a dolphin’s nose, and hence this name. This rock is located at a height of around three hundred and fifty eight metres above the sea level with its structure and construction pointing towards the Bay of Bengal in the city.

This is the rare and unique delight of this spot which does not fail to attract a large nummber of travellers, tourists and visitors. A potent and effective lighthouse is also located near the Dolphin’s Nose and gives scenic eye shots of the city to the people. This lighthouse is very useful for the businessmen, traders and fishermen and guides them during their sea travels and journies.

Gangavaram Beach

Gangavaram Beach

The Gangavaram Beach is situated towards the southern direction of the city and is placed near the Vizag steel industry. Its scenic beauty is awesome and can’t be described in words. It has a group of palm trees which are bordered beautifully and attractively. This is the main reason behind it attracting large number of tourists as well as film and serial-makers.

The number of tourists frequenting this spot is on the rise and swimming is strictly prohibited here due to the dangers involved. The beach has its own private, separate, deserted, independent and secret environment with velvety and cushy sands and cool winds brushing against the cheeks of the tourists.

War Memorial

The War Memorial is situated towards the left-hand direction of the beach route and points towards the Submarine Museum. This memorial was built in remembrance of all those gallant and brave soldiers who laid down their lives for the cause of the nation and is consecrated to the same. This was also founded with an intention to celebrate, mark and observe the triumph and success of the Indian Navy at the sea war of Indo-Pak in 1971. The replicas of some materials with respect to that war are shown here, some of them being a tank, a fighter plane and some missiles, etc.

Kailasa Giri

Kailasa Giri Hill Park, Andhra Pradesh

One of the popular hill stations of India and of the city itself, Kailasa Giri provides the visitors and travellers with amazingly beautiful eye shots of the sea and is also house to a pleasant looking beach, known as the Rushikonda Beach. This hill station is considered to be the dwelling place of Lord Shiva and hence the name, which is why, two huge sculptures of Lord Shiva and Parvati are visible and enjoyed by everyone here. A playing field is located nearby and is mostly used by the children.

The calm and beautiful ambience of this place is sure to delight and please all the visitors and travellers here. The tourists riding on the cable trolleys can enjoy the beautiful and stunning lightings of the city in the evenings, alongside indulging in some adventurous paragliding sports activities. The hammock can also be reached at with the help of the same cable trolleys.

Taraka Rama Park

The Taraka Rama Park is also known as the Vishakapatnam Urban Development Authority Park or VUDA. It is a gallant and impressive eye puller of this city and is mainly famous for its beautiful musical jet springs and structures. This park was built by the VUDA itself and is located near the Ramakishna Beach. Serving as a great chilling-out place for the children as well as the adults, it has many flowering plant gardens, green fields and contrived and unnatural caves. Boating, horse riding, camel rides and skating amenities are present in the park and the tourists can utilize them to the fullest and enjoy the pleasure derived from them.

Matsyadarshini Aquarium

Matsyadarshini Aquarium

A stunning acquarium with around twenty huge and twenty moderate-sized storage vessels, it shows marine fish, fresh water fish and many other kinds and varieties of water animals. This acquarium was established and founded and is administered and directed by the Municipal Corporation of Vishakapatnam. It was founded on the land sides of the Ramakishna Beach and is a delight to all the tourists visiting this site. Fish and water animals of various colors and types are visible here and are very ingratiating to watch. It is open to the general visitors from nine in the morning to seven in the evening, on all the days of the week and that too, at a very reasonable fee.

Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary

Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary

This famous wildlife sanctuary of the city is distributed over a land region of seventy square kilometres and consists of scorched and baked cone-bearing and coniferous forests, scrubs and hayfields and grasslands. This sanctuary stands at the outer section of this city and is home to many uncommon and unique varieties of wild animals like deer, panthers and jackals. It provides the tourists with very good opportunities to click live pictures of these rare animals and some birds. This sanctuary is a must-visit in the list of travel and tourism places and spots in Vishakapatnam.

Thus, the tourist places in Vishakapatnam include many beautifully designed temples, stunning beaches, fascinating pilgrimage spots and natural as well as artificial caves which act as sheer delights for the tourists and visitors from all around the world.

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