Karnataka People and Culture

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  • Region: Karnataka
  • Major Neighboring States: Kerala, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh
  • Prime Language: Kannada
  • Prime Religion: Hinduism

Karnataka state is the most pleasant state of India, where tourists especially travel to experience the presence of nature and peace. Karnataka state has made it beautiful and attractive through various amazing and interesting factors. In those factors, the main role is played by Karnataka State’s Climate. To make this state beautiful and a tourist destination, the climate has given its huge contribution.

Karnataka People and Culture


Among the states of India, Karnataka state is one of the wettest parts of this country. As per the other states of India, Karnataka also enjoys three colorful and fun seasons such as winter, summer, and rain. This state’s climate has been dominated by the seasonal season. The summer season of Karnataka is very horrible and harsh, if you belong to a cool region then you won’t be able the bear the summer of Karnataka state. The winter season is the best season to discover the entire Karnataka state. Humidity is a permanent factor of this state, which you will find in any season. Karnataka is a favorite house of humidity.


In India, it would be strange if you won’t find a number of religions in one place, Karnataka state also stands for hundreds of years carrying various numbers of religions such as Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism. The population of Karnataka state is mainly Hindus, Islam is second and Jain is in the third position, due to that in Karnataka you will find a number of spiritual buildings and faith centers. In Karnataka people of different religions live peacefully for hundreds of years.


Even though Karanataka survives with so many religions, still their Language is one that is Kannada. Kannada is an official language of Karnataka state; but in different parts of Karnataka state, you will find various speaking styles of Kannada. This language belongs to the ancient languages of the Dravidian family, almost 65% people of the total population communicate in the Kannada language. Karnataka state’s official language comprises a huge number of Sanskrit languages and shockingly it also includes some English words. It is a very ancient language; in some parts of Karnataka, you will hear Konkani and Kodava languages.


People of Karnataka state believe and honestly follow their ancient culture and tradition. Even today, if you visit Karnataka, you can see the traditional Costume for men and women.  Men dressed in their traditional Lungi and women dressed in their cultural Kanjeevaram sari. Men in Karnataka wear Lungi below the Shirt, along with Angavastram. Women of this state always like to dress in rich and attractive Kanjeevaram and Kanjipuram sari with historical and traditional jewelry. On the occasion of weddings, Karnataka’s bride prefers to wear this royal and well-designed sari.

Arts & Crafts

This state is not just rich in culture and tradition but also comprises precious art and artists. Here you will get to see tremendous creations of crafts and arts, which are practiced for hundreds of years. Karnataka state’s art & crafts include various types of artifacts such as ivory, wood, metals, stones, sandalwood, etc. Here you will get a chance to buy many decorative items to make your home ‘Carnatic’ like sandalwood and rosewood items, and stone carvings. The crafts and arts are renowned due to wooden toys in the entire world. Don’t forget to buy the popular Mysore paintings, which are a much demanded Karnataka artifact craft. You will find real art and craft items within the town area of Karnataka state.


Karnataka state has progressed well in transportation. To attract a huge number of tourists and provide them good services Karnataka State Government Transportation is working to provide efficient service. You can reach here through any mode of transportation such as air, bus, and rail. For local transportation, they have provided taxis and auto-rickshaws. Karnataka is working towards offering all comfort and luxury that’s why every year the number of tourists is increasing.

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