Information About Kaila Devi Fair, Rajasthan

India is a land of fairs and festivals and is the perfect destination where you can have the most interesting events and occasions which make up the greatest ways of making your travels to this part of the land very interesting. With the innumerable ways of making the culture and traditions a way of your life, fairs and festivals, are very much a part of the celebrations in the country. Come to the land of the most fascinating festivals and the most intriguing fairs which make tours and travels here a great experience. India is the best country in this part of the world and is a land of dreamy pleasures and pleasurable locales.

Kaila Devi Fair (Mela) 2022

14th March (Wednesday) to 30th March (Friday) 2022

Kaila Devi Temple

The shrine of Kaila Devi is very popular for the fair that is held here annually. The temple is located on the banks of the river kalisil, in the district of Karauli in the state of Rajasthan on the Trikut Hills. This is around 2 km from the village of Kaila. Kaila is officially known as Lahura. The rulers of the Karauli state with its princely rulers believe that Kaila Devi protects their land from any kind of invasion.

The fair that is very famous in this land of Kaila Devi gives the best tourist pleasures and is held during the Krishna Paksha of the month of Chaitra Badi. The Gregorian calendar has it that the fair is held in the months of April or March. A fair is an event that is held in celebration of the Goddess Kaila Devi who is a very much revered deity in this region. Goddess Kaila Devi is believed to be a form of Mahalakshmi who is believed to be the Goddess of Wealth and also the goddess of Death, Chamunda. This is where there are a lot of animals that are sacrificed. The pilgrims throng the temple and pay respects to the deity.

The Kaila Devi fair is one of the most popular fairs in this part of Rajasthan. The Goddess Kaila Devi is worshipped as the main deity who is worshipped as the guardian deity by the Khinchis, the Yadavs, the karauli Princess, and the innumerable tribes living in this part of the world. The Bhairon temple here and the Hanuman temple here are very famous. The Hanuman temple is called the Languriya and is in front of the Kaila Devi’s shrine in the main courtyard of the temple of Kaila Devi. There are many devotees from the various communities here and these people have made the place very popular. The fair has many pilgrims who come from the nearby states of Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, and Delhi.

Kaila Devi Fair

There are more than 2 lakh pilgrims who visit this place during this fair. The Kaila Devi fair is thus a major attraction for all the tourists who want to enjoy the fairs and festivals in this part of India. The singing tribal men and the related dances of the Mina community make this entire ambiance very enthusiastic and vibrant.

Kela Devi is also known as Kalia Mata and the village was earlier known as Kalia after a sadhu. He was believed to have lived here on the banks of the River Kali Sil. The saint was called Kedar Giri. It is said that Maharaja Gopal Singh belonging to the clan of the Yadavas got a lovely temple constructed here and there was a dome here that has an apex made of gold. Maharaja Bhanwarpal made many such buildings and the entire area soon got a lot of popularity for the scenic beauty and the sacredness of the place.

The devotees give a lot of offerings like coconuts and cash and also vermillion and kajal and bangles and sweets to the deity and they perform the ritual of Kanak Dandoti. The devotees cover a distance of around 15 to 20 kms to the temple destination and this in itself is an experience.

The place with its innumerable shops and the loveliest stalls has many local articles for sale.

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