Chardham Yatra from Mumbai

The Chardham Yatra, reminiscent of a voyage into the spiritual unknown, is a sacred odyssey that beckons the devout and adventurous souls alike. This pilgrimage meanders through the intricate tapestry of the Garhwal Himalayas, where divine splendor adorns the landscape, and treacherous trails test the pilgrims’ mettle. However, this perilous expedition is embraced with fervor by the thousands who embark upon this journey, for when one dedicates the voyage to the Divine, the outcome is embraced without hesitation.

Our Chardham Yatra from Mumbai unfolds over the course of 13 spiritually charged days and 12 tranquil nights, traversing not only the revered sites of Yamunotri, Gangotri, Badrinath, and Kedarnath but also encompassing an array of spiritually potent locales that bestow profound grace upon the faithful heart. Amidst this journey, one also encounters enchanting tourist destinations whose scenic allure defies mere description.

With anticipation brimming, let us embark on a detailed exposition of the meticulously crafted itinerary for the Chardham Yatra from Mumbai.

  • Tour Name: Chardham Yatra From Mumbai
  • Tour Duration: 13 Days / 12 Nights
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Destination Covered: Mumbai – Delhi – Haridwar – Barkot – Yamunotri – Uttarkashi – Gangotri – Guptkashi – Kedarnath – Pipalkoti – Badrinath – Srinagar – Rishikesh

Chardham Yatra from Mumbai

Itinerary for the Spiritual Sojourn

Day 01: Mumbai – Delhi

Embark on a flight from Mumbai to Delhi, or alternatively, choose the scenic route by train. Arriving at the heartwarming embrace of Delhi, you’ll find yourself in the midst of “dil walon ka shehar,” the affectionately named city of hearts. A warm welcome awaits you at the Airport/Railway station, and you’ll be ushered into your abode for the night.

Day 02: Delhi – Haridwar (230 Km/6 hr)

Day two marks the commencement of the Chardham Yatra from Mumbai. After indulging in a delightful breakfast, our journey sets its course towards Haridwar. Variously referred to as the gateway to Hari or Har (Lord Shiva), Haridwar exudes a spiritual essence that permeates every corner of this sacred town. The river Ganga, revered as the holy Mother, flows through its heart, washing away sins and inviting pilgrims to partake in the sacred ritual of aarti at the revered “Har ki Pauri.” Immerse yourself in the ethereal experience and, if inclined, seek the blessings of Mansi Devi and Chandi Devi at their lofty abodes.

Day 03: Haridwar – Barkot (215 km 7 hrs)

Embark on an early journey to Barkot, where meandering trails lead through the enchanting hill stations of Dehradun and Mussoorie. The allure of Kempty falls in Mussoorie is bound to captivate your senses. Upon reaching Barkot, a peaceful evening awaits you at the comfort of your reserved haven.

Day 04: Barkot – Yamunotri – Barkot ( 42 km drive /6 km trek)

The pilgrimage to Yamunotri commences as we make our way through Janki Chatti, Hanuman Chatti, and Phool Chatti. The uphill 6 km trek to the Yamunotri shrine commences from Janki Chatti, offering pilgrims the opportunity to partake in the sacred ritual of Prasad, washed in the hot waters of Surya Kund, and cleanse their weariness in the soothing embrace of Gauri Kund. The blessings of the shrine and the serene journey back to Janki Chatti culminate in a return to the comforts of your Barkot abode.

Hanuman Chatti marks the convergence of the Yamuna and Hanuman Ganga rivers, an auspicious union.

Yamunotri, with its historical roots tracing back to the 19th century, stands as a testament to devotion and resilience, having weathered the tides of floods and landslides.

Surya Kund, named after the Sun God Surya, offers waters so fervent that they are invoked for sacred culinary rituals.

Divya Shila, a revered pillar of rock, stands as a symbolic threshold before entering the sanctum of Yamunotri.

Day 05: Barkot – Uttarkashi (Drive 82 km, 4 hours)

Our journey leads us to Uttarkashi, the northern counterpart of the sacred city of Kashi. Pay homage at the Kashi Viswanath Temple and the adjacent Shakti temple, where a colossal trident embodies the divine feminine. Uttarkashi serves as the launching pad for the forthcoming pilgrimage to Gangotri.

Day 06: Uttarkashi – Gangotri – Uttarkashi (100 km one way, 2.5 hrs)

Embark on an early expedition to Gangotri, the origin of the Bhagirathi River, a tributary of the Ganga. This sacred shrine pays homage to Maa Ganga and her pristine source. After experiencing this divine rendezvous, return to the comfort of Uttarkashi, where tranquility and rejuvenation await.

Day 07: Uttarkashi – Guptkashi (223 km drive, 9-10 hrs)

Our journey leads us to Guptkashi, with a momentary pause at the renowned Tehri Dam. As twilight descends, the hallowed precincts of Ardh Nariswar Temple and Kashi Viswanath Temple beckon, enriching the spiritual journey.

Guptakashi is graced by the presence of the mighty Mandakini River and the majestic Chaukhamba peak. The Viswanath Temple pays homage to Lord Shiva, while the Ardhanariswar Temple venerates the androgynous union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

Day 08: Guptakashi – Kedarnath (32 km drive, 14 km trek)

Set forth on a dawn expedition to Gaurikund, the launchpad for the 14 km ascent to Kedarnath. May the grace of Lord Shiva ease the arduous journey. Alternatively, the option of pony or palki eases the path. The temple’s sanctum offers a divine darshan of Shri Kedarnath, and the return journey to Gaurikund culminates in a comforting return to your Guptkashi haven.

Kedarnath, its historical roots stretching back to the 8th century, is enshrined as the ‘Lord of Kedar Khand,’ eternal abode of Lord Shiva.

Day 09: Gaurikund – Pipalkoti (about 145 km drive)

Embark on a journey to Pipalkoti, a haven of rejuvenation before the onward quest to Lord Badrinarayan’s sanctum. As you revel in the embrace of verdant mountains and snow-clad peaks, the allure of the “alley of flowers” and Hemkund Sahib adds a touch of enchantment.

Day 10: Pipalkoti – Badrinath (72 km)

Anticipate an early start to partake in the divine rites at the Badrinath Temple. En route, seek blessings at the Narsingh Temple and pay homage at Adi Shankaracharya’s Samadhi in Joshimath. The sacred enclave of Badrinath extends beyond the central temple, encompassing Vyas Gufa, Bheem Pul, and the mystical River Saraswati.

Day 11: Badrinath – Srinagar (180 Km)

Absorb the profound serenity of Badrinarayan’s presence once more before journeying to Rudraprayag, a voyage adorned with the panoramic vistas of Joshimath, Karanprayag, and Chamoli.

Day 12: Srinagar – Rishikesh (135 km, 7 hrs)

Embark on a scenic drive to Rishikesh, where the confluence of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi at Devprayag heralds the birth of the Ganga. Nestled amidst the Himalayan grandeur, Rishikesh, the “yoga capital of the world,” beckons the seekers of inner harmony and meditation.

Day 13: Rishikesh – Haridwar – Delhi – Mumbai (230 km/7 hr)

On the final leg of this transformative journey, you’ll be guided back to Delhi. With hearts brimming with spiritual fulfillment and minds steeped in serenity, the time has come to bid adieu. As we part ways in Delhi, gratitude fills the air, a fitting conclusion to this remarkable spiritual odyssey. The Chardham Yatra from Mumbai, spanning thirteen days, culminates as we escort you aboard the train or flight to Mumbai, the city of dreams.

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  • Your arrival is greeted by a representative, offering personal assistance.
  • Immerse yourself in the embrace of neat, clean, and hygienic accommodations on a double-sharing basis, thoughtfully tailored to familial needs.


  • Personal expenses such as gratuities, porterage, laundry, telecommunication charges, and camera fees remain at your discretion.
  • Claims or delays attributed to natural calamities, landslides, road closures, or any unforeseen circumstances not encompassed in the cost-inclusive column are excluded.

This Chardham Yatra from Mumbai encapsulates an awe-inspiring journey where the soul finds solace amidst the splendors of nature and the embrace of the divine. Embark on this transformative expedition, where spiritual awakening and adventure converge in a tapestry of profound significance.

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