Betla National Park, Jharkhand

Fast Facts:

  • Located: Daltonganj District, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India.
  • Known For: Tiger reserve.
  • Animals Found: Deer, nuntjac, mongoose, panther, elephants, chitals, langur, nilgai, jackals, wild boar, small Indian civet and ant eating pangolin etc.

Betla National Park

Situated in Daltonganj District, The Betla National Park is also known as Palamau Sanctuary. This National park sways over an area of (979sqkm). The central part of the national park that envelops (232 sq. kms) of the haven was stated as Betla National Park in the month (of September 1989). The park outlines an addition of the (Hazaribagh National park), takes up the west part of the (Chotanagpur plateau). The extensive element of the national park i.e. (Palamau region) had the difference of constituting the same region, which was enumerated as the world’s 1st Tiger Reserve where Project Tiger undertook in the year 1974.

The Betla National Park can without difficulty be reached from (Ranchi Airport) that is located at a distance of 140 km. The closest railway station is Daltonganj that is located some twenty-five kms away. The roads links (Betla National Park) with the diverse places of Jharkhand quiet contentedly. Normal service of bus runs from (Hazaribagh) and diverse parts of the city.

The forest area is rich in vegetation and this is the only reason for the greenery of the sanctuary and is known be the greenest sanctuary. The geography of Betla National Park is subjugated by sultry (wet evergreen) forest, and mixed (dry and moist) caducous forests located in the (central part) and temperate alpine forest found in the upper reaches. The flora at the higher reaches comprises of bamboo and Sal as the chief trees along with many medicinal plants. Betla National park is divided by Koel River and its streams at several parts. The stream flowing parts are covered by grasslands. Geography of Betla National park also offers hot springs and waterfalls adding up to the unique natural beauty of the area. You can also the 2 historic forts located inside this park.

Well thought-out as 1of the optimum parks located in the (northeast), Betla National Park, Jharkhand provides an enormous diversity of fauna inhabitants too. Some of the major attractions in this park are animals like Gaur, Chital and tigers. Although, lately the visitors are also stopping over to spot leopard, nilgai, jackals, sambar, sloth bear, mongoose, mouse deer, nuntjac, elephants, chitals, langur, wild boar, panther, small Indian civet and ant eating pangolin etc.

Wildlife Sanctuary of Betla also abodes an extensive range of bird population which constitutes of black patridges, forest owl, papiha, harial, swamp grey, the pied born bill, white necked stork, wagtails, the crested serpent eagle etc.

The Betla National Park also offers accommodation services to the travelers with tourists visitors that comprises of 3 star hotel, tree houses, tourist lodges, canteen and log huts.

Best Time to Visit: From the month of (October-May).

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