Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary

Fast Facts:

  • Located: Hazaribagh District, Jharkhand, India.
  • Known for: Endangered Species.

National Park of Hazaribagh is placed in the District of Hazaribagh of the lately created Indian state (Jharkhand). It is located beneath the double intimidation of a freeway development and a railroad plan. The Hazaribagh Wildlife sanctuary covers and extensive area of (184 sqkm) at a height of (615 m) above sea level. Vertical hills with intense sultry forests, rich biodiversity and grassy meadows are the primary factor that makes this one of the eminent parks. Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary is the protected and the oldest sanctuaries of India. Some of the most beautiful and mesmerizing features of this sanctuary will make your head turn.

Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary

Affluent Flora

The haven has intense (tropical forests) and particularly in the monsoon period the tropical forest looks so diverse with verdant pasture covering extensively spread territories of land. The forest portrays as the green grass to be the carpet which has been spread to welcome the rain.

Animals Found

Hazaribagh National Park possesses copious diverseness as regard to the fauna. Amongst the major varieties of animals seen here includes the, Wild Boar, Sambar, The Kakar, Sloth Bear, Chital, Nilgai, Panther and the Cheetal are amongst the most profusely and easily found animals. Populace of Tiger is not so good over here and as a result, they are considered to be endangered in this sanctuary. Tigers are spotted very rarely over here and it is trances come true if you spot one.

Visitors can attain the masonry towers and remotest corners, of the wildlife sanctuary by the (111-km) extended road available here. The path is of huge importance for the bird watchers and zoologists as from this place you can spot many wild animals. Jungle of Hazaribaugh has been the residence of a number of tribes in India.

Additional Attractions

The Forest Reserve of Palamau which is an additional significant wildlife venture in the state of Bihar, is quite close from the (Hazaribaugh National Park).

Canari hills are an added attraction located five kms away from this wildlife sanctuary. Hot Spring of Suraj Kund and Rajrappa Falls also forms major attractions amongst the tourists.

Travel Tips

Visitors are believed to be liable people and ought not to cause harm to the exceptional flora and fauna. Visitors are not supposed to touch any of the flowers, herbs or shrubs, as they are quite rare. Smoking is strictly not allowed in the premises. Polythene bags, littering, Playing loud music, tape recorders are strictly not allowed. These things are done with a purpose, as the animals are not to be disturbed in their natural premises.


The climate over here is tropical. Summers are completely hot and winter season is quite chilly. Hence, it is always suggested to the tourist to plan their trip during winters.

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