Know Why the Water of Ganga is So Pure

gomukh source of ganga

Ganga or Bhagirathi emerges from the lap of Himalayas in and merges with Alaknanda in Haridwar (Devprayag). During this journey some special kind of salts and herbs get mixed in the waters of Gaga. This is why the water of Ganges looks purer and has more beneficial properties. Every river has a specific water composition with a certain kind of biochemistry. The balance of minerals in the water allows the propagation of certain kind of microorganisms and restrains others. According to scientific sources there are certain kinds of minerals in Ganges river water which does not allow harmful microorganisms to propagate. This I why this water remains unspoilt for a long time.

Scientific Analysis

Scientists say that Ganga which emerges from Gaumukh Gangotri has pure water that is immersed in rare Himalayan herbs, beneficial minerals and medicinal salt. There have been a number of research studies conducted on the water of Ganges.

There is a microorganism name Batria Faus in the water of Ganges. This microorganism is born out of biochemical reactions and kills harmful cellular life in the water while maintaining its purity.

There is a lot of Gandhak in the water of Ganges and this keeps the water pure and sacred. As and when Ganga proceeds pasts Haridwar to other cities the water starts getting polluted due to dirt.

Sadhu taking bath in Ganga

Opinions of Scientists

Water quality has been inspected by scientists of many countries like England, Germany, France, America etc. the team of scientists have inspected the water of Ganges and found it to be of unique composition. The famous physician of England C.I Nelson has conducted lots of studies on Ganges water, results have revealed that there are minimum harmful microorganisms in the water of Ganges. Quoting from the works of the scholar saint Charak “the water of Ganges is fit to be drunk”.

Scientific analysis has revealed that a bath in the water of Ganges and a drink of this water kills all traces of germs of Plague, Malaria, Tuberculosis, Leprosy and other diseases. Dr. Hawkins of the British Government has conducted lots of studies on microorganisms which are eliminated by water of Ganges. The study involved insertion of cholera bacteria into the water of Ganges. The bacteria were killed in 6 hours flat and they were again revived when put back in normal water. Thus it is seen that the water of Ganges eliminates microorganisms of various diseases. The Russian scientists of Haridwar and Kashi have said in 1950 that they knew after their first bath in Ganges that the water was of a special quality.

The Attributes of Ganges Water According to Hinduism

According to Hinduism the water of Ganges have been given the epithet of Amrit. In every sacred act of life starting from Birth to Death, the water of Ganges has some unique role to play. It is believed that if Tulsi leaves and Ganges Water is poured into the mouth of a person who is near death, the ascent into Heaven (Swarg) is guaranteed.

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