Popular Tourist Destination in Kodaikanal (2023)

Kodaikanal is one of the most favourite and classy hill stations of India and is the most popular and gorgeous hill station of Tamil Nadu. It is situated in the well known hills of Palani in the south Western Ghats and is also referred to as the ‘princess of hill stations.’ Kodaikanal is located at an altitude of around seven thousand two hundred feet higher up the sea level and is one of the celebrated places for the tourists and visitors. It is also one of the most wanted holidaying, vacationing and happening places of South India and abandons the travellers and visitors with the memories of its stunning and beautiful views and charming, hot tourist spots and travel destinations.

Beauty of Kodaikanal

The tourists are left spellbound and hypnotized by its flavor, influence and appeal. The word ‘Kodaikanal’ actually means ‘gift of the forest’ in Tamil and is visited by tourists from all around the globe. It consists of very deep and intense flora, vegetation and wood lands, which are home to various kinds of trees. The fascinating waterfalls and big rocks are spread across large, frenzied, untamed and frantic forest regions and areas and when viewed, are something that leave deep impressions in the minds of the tourists and travellers, resulting in their cherishing these for the rest of their lives.

Kodaikanal is a real treat and delight to the eyes of all the visitors and is also well known for its edible fruits, home-baked drinking chocolate, cocoa and coffee, fruit trees and wood oil. It is also popular for producing particular flowering plants that bloom only one time in over a little more than a decade. It is even home to the Tibetan expatriate shop stores and fairs that sell woollen, fabric and textile ‘wearing apparels’ and clothing’s at cut-price and reasonable rates. It is house to many well known learning, instructive and academic organizations with ‘The Mother Theresa University’, also being situated here.

This specific university has the unique distinction of being the nation’s one and only women’s university. The tourists of this hill station can enjoy a wide variety of sports and adventure activities; some of them being horse riding, cycling, trekking and boating. Kodaikanal is acted upon and affected by the tastes, attitudes, traditions, civilizations and society of the catholics and its catholic places of worship have beautiful and stunning architectural designs that are really worth seeing, experiencing and savoring. It has a wide number of places and spots that act as tourist and travel destinations and some of them are as under:

The Bear Shola Water Falls

Bear Shola Water Falls

This is a hot travel spot and is located at a space of around 1.5 kilometers from the transport base and about two kilometers from the lake and also serves the role of a perfect picnic spot. It can be travelled to by using appropriate and desirable modes and ways of conveyance, which are fit to pass through craggy, rough, tough and broken hill routes.

Visiting it during the monsoons is the right time to explore its completeness and beautiful appearance. Thus, the tourists must make it a point to visit this spot only during the monsoons. It got its name from the fact that in the olden days, wild bears used to approach this spot and drink its water.

Berijam Lake

Berijam Lake

This lake is among the most favourite picnic places and points of the tourists and travellers. It is a must visit for sight-seeing and seeing abundant kinds of flora and fauna. The nature lovers are going to love this place, as this helps them discover, investigate and see multiple wild animals, birds and natural spots with green surroundings. Animals like leopards and bisons and chirruping birds are easily visible from this spot.

This makes it a very hot travel location and the tourists make it a point to experience the delight, joy and pleasure of this place and the so-called lake. They can also go for exciting boat rides in the lake amidst all the sounds and beauty.

This experience turns out as something that is very invigorating and relaxing for them. However, this lake is not available for visit by the common man and the tourists need to take the forest officer’s approval for the same. This popular picnic spot is located at a distance of around twenty three kilometres from the transport base of the town.

Bryant Park

Bryant Park

It is a vital biological science park of Kodaikanal, which is situated towards the eastern direction of the Berijam Lake. It is the dwelling place of many different types of flowers, interbreeds, crossbreeds and scads, gobs and lashings. This park is a ‘must visit’ in the list of travel and tourist places in Kodaikanal. The name of this park can be traced from Bryant, who was a British forest officer, and somebody who made modifications and brought about improvements in this park in 1980.

This is a very hot and happening place during the month of May, when the yearly flowering plant and vegetable display and demonstration program is conducted. This is to the highest degree, the most frequently sojourned destination of the tourists during the summers. The botanical park also contains a glass house that has a broad range of flowers, decorative and cosmetic plants and pteridophytes or non-flowering plants.

Coakers Walk

Coakers Walk Kodaikanal

Coakers Walk is a tourist and travel spot that is located at a distance of about one kilometre from the Berijam Lake and attracts all those tourists who are interested in morning walks. It provides them with amazingly nice and magically astounding, colorful and stunning eye shots of the fields and dry lands and beautiful vales and natural depressions.

These amazingly captivating and enthralling views of nature make the tourists very happy and blissful and also make them stay in their memories for a long time to come. This spot got its name from Lieutenant Coaker, who developed and designed the whole map of Kodaikanal. It is always nice to visit this place before the evening sets in and before the environment and weather gets misty and foggy. This allows the tourists to get distinct and sharp views of the nearby located towns, plains and valleys.

Guna Cave (Devil’s Kitchen)

Guna Cave (Devil’s Kitchen)

As the name suggests, it is a devilish valley that is very unsafe, dodgy, vulnerable and tricky and is also profoundly and heavily concealed and out of sight for the tourists. It appears like tiny, black, sulky, and dingy troughs and channels, but in reality, it is something very unimaginable. It is actually a very heavy descent and a sharp drop.

It is visited by multiple tourists and visitors who are likely to indulge in adventure sports. The Devil’s Kitchen is positioned and stands between the pillar rocks and the green valley view. A wonderful location to take snaps, the tourists must be guided towards this spot and told to take the necessary precautions by the guides or localites so that they can avoid bumping into the sharp drop. They should be led ahead by someone who is well aware of the spot and its dangers.

Dolphin’s Nose

Dolphin’s Nose kodaikanal

This particular spot has the unparalleled quality of passing on and imparting bird’s optical shots of the small towns and settlements and fields and lands situated close by to the travellers and visitors. It is situated at a distance of about eight kilometres from the transport and conveyance base of the town and can be arrived at using the old road after intersecting the Pambar Bridge. From here, the tourists are required to take a scratchy and unsmooth bend or turn, which leads to this spot, place and point.

The Suicide Point, Pillar Rocks, Kodai Lake, Silver Cascade Falls and Silent Valley View are some of the other favourite travel and tourist destinations and spots in Kodaikanal, which are very delightful and pleasing.

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