Orissa Forts and Palaces

Orissa is situated on the east side of (India) and is one of the worshipper’s hearts of (eastern India). This picturesque state flashes 500 beautiful places of worships and the rhythm of present living is coordinated with the magnificent precedent of this gorgeous temple state. Visit to Orissa shall add a number of memorable reminiscences to the list of the keen travelers. Orissa has a number of splendid cities that truly talk of their wealthy enlightening History.

It is one of the main traveler’s areas and brings in an outsized number of travelers annually by the pure indentation of its unparalleled manmade and natural exquisiteness. All the towns of this magnificent state has till date kept active its vibrant and affluent culture. Orissa Tour is not to be missed as the lively people, bazaars, Festivals and dance, are waiting for you. The past splendor of Orissa is knowledgeable through the impressive palaces and forts. One of such metropolis in this state of (Orissa) is Puri which is well-liked all across the globe for its significant antiquity and holy place of pilgrimage.


Barabati Fort

Fast Facts:

  • Situated: Eight kms away from the centre of Cuttack
  • Established In: (11th century) and again in (14th century)
  • Implication: Richly carved entrance

Barabati Fort, is located in Cuttack, and is one of the adored tourist destinations of Orissa. Located on the river bank of Mahanadi, the Barabati fort is placed on the (western side) of Cuttack. It is situated at a short distance of approximately (8 km) from the centre of the city. This fort once domiciled a well-known 9-storeyed citadel. The local administrators have currently taken above the duty of upholding this imperial structure. The Barabati fort, swayed over a part of (102 acres).

The fosse of the citadel, more commonly called as (Gadakhai), is a twenty yards broad trench. The Barabati fort was originally built approximately around the 11th century and also was later reinstated during the 14th century. Archaeology diggings that carried out at (Barabati fort) proposed that the parapet, which confines this wonderful memorial once, were completed from sandstone and laterite. The entrance of (Barabari fort) is absolutely delightful and stands inflated with gorgeous intricate carvings.

The fosse of (Barabati fort), down with its ornately imprinted entrance and the stone stack, speaks about the magnificent past of the (Ganga period). The fortress has experienced much alteration since it is structured. The interior of this magnificent fort has been transformed into a huge stadium that has the ability to put up more than thirty thousand persons at the same time. Ever since its commencement, the fort has been continuously assisting as the site for cultural events and sports tournaments.



Fast Facts:

  • Located: Sisupalgarh, Orissa, India
  • Known For: Remnants of the Mauryan Empire

The remnants of the early city (Sisupalgarh) have been revealed near the city of (Bhubaneswar), which is the main city of (Orissa) in India. Archaeological experts assert the town to be approximately (2,500 yrs old).The artifacts and architectural patterns of the remnants that was discovered at the time of the excavations concludes it to be very structured and modern. The population, which is estimated to be around (twenty-twenty five thousand).

A fine construction near the middle of the citadel has been traced 3-dimensional. This is said to be the main structure of the Mauryan Empire. Two gates slices both side of fortress.

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