Useful Tips For Your Leh Ladakh Trip

The leh-Ladhak trip is a trip to the most paradisiacal and unchartered Himalayan wonderland. That part of the country is cut off from the mainland India due to its remoteness. So, visiting Leh-Ladhak might not be an easy thing for tourists. Once you plan to embark on an unforgettable journey to this panoramic Himalayan desert, you need to equip yourself with sufficient knowledge about the trip. Read on to learn more…

Ladakh is a beautiful amazing place that has lots of exotic cultural experiences, natural wonders, and spiritual hotspots for discerning tourists. However, since Ladakh is new on the tourism circuit and has become popular as a tourism destination only recently there are some unresolved administrative and logistics problems that every tourist should know about. The small tourist traffic of Ladakh by the way, only aids the beauty of the place as most of the valleys, rivers, and monasteries still preserve an untouched pristine look. Here is some information that will be of great use to you when you travel to the magical land of Ladakh.

Best Time to Visit Ladakh

The tourist season in Ladakh is on from May to September with April, May, and June being the most comfortable months to visit. Winters in Ladakh are extreme and post late October the area is really cut off from the rest of the world. October is a good time to go if you are planning to see the snow-clad Ladakh lakes which look very beautiful. On the other hand, if you are interested in culture, exotic Ladakh customs, music, and dance then the Monastery festivals would be a good event to catch. Ladakh has many Monasteries like Hemis, Lamayaru, Phyang, Karsha, Stongdey, Tso Moriri, shashkul etc and all of them have their own festivals. Masked dances, spiritual chants, music, and food along with joy and festivity mark these festivals. The timings of these festivals are determined according to lunar movements and Tibetan Calendar. July and August are when most of these festivals are held.

The Ladakh Festival will be held between 10th October to 15th October and is a great time to visit Ladakh as you can see its most vibrant and joyous side at that time.

7 Things to Think About Before You Visit Ladakh

  1. You need to be healthy and physically active to enjoy Ladakh properly. It’s always recommended to take a day of rest after you reach the capital town of Leh so that you get acclimatized to the extremely high altitude and the rarified atmosphere. It’s natural for you to feel dizziness, nausea, or fatigue but these should be cured after some rest and a chocolate bar. If the symptoms persist consult a doctor.
  2. Never travel on an empty stomach in Ladakh. Always carry glucose sachets/energy bar/ chocolate bar and water with you. Oxygen supply to the brain is lesser in a rarified atmosphere and you will need to keep up your energy levels.
  3. Ladakh is at a high altitude so it’s easy to get sunburn. Don’t be deceived by the cold climate, there is a lot of UV content in sunrays…so carry a bottle of sunscreen. Also carry medicines, especially for digestion problems and cough and cold.
  4. Check whether your mobile phone network service providers also provide service in Ladakh. In case this doesn’t happen you will have to rely on the STD booth and most booths close by 10 p.m.
  5. If you are staying in a lodge or a guest house or the house of a local (most localities offer decent accommodation to tourists) you will be facing occasional power cuts. Only the finest 9and most expensive) hotels in Ladakh have generators. Make sure you carry a torch.
  6. If you love photography and love to develop your photos the old-fashioned way then carry as many film roles as you can. Carry extra data storage space if you have a digital camera. Ladakh is so beautiful that will keep on clicking photos nonstop.
  7. You can suffer from frostbite as well as sunburn in Ladakh at the same time if you are not careful. Carry moisturizing lotion, windcheaters scarves, gloves, lip balm, trekking shoes, and a good pair of sunglasses

Permits Required in Ladakh

Ladakh has a crucial geographical position situated as it is on India’s North-Western border. In fact, its position is so tightly regulated by the government that foreigners (including NRIs) are not allowed to travel to the northern direction of the Zoji La Dras Bodhkarbu Khalatse road. Special permits are required to visit Monasteries of Tia-Tingmosgang, Chemrey, Izong, Thiksey, Phyang, and Shey. It’s also recommended that you visit the Leh Manali road only until one mile to the east of its general alignment.

To visit the newly functional northeastern and the extreme northern parts of Ladakh you will need written permission from the deputy commissioner of Leh. You will also require a fitness certificate concerning your fitness suitability for visiting extreme frontiers in Ladakh.

Vehicle Care Tips Before Driving to Ladakh

Many people bring their own vehicle to Ladakh and while most of them bring their own car some adventurous souls choose to bring their bikes too. Before you take such a decision you need to understand that Ladakh has a fierce terrain and you need to follow some simple steps to make sure you and your vehicle both remain safe.

If you are traveling by car make sure you do the following things.

  1. Get a car mechanic to check the condition of car clutch plates
  2. Get the engine oil and filter changed
  3. Get the shoes and brake pads checked as driving in the mountains will cause a lot of friction.
  4. Car coolant should be topped up
  5. Get new fuel and air filters for car
  6. Ensure that car alignment is done
  7. Anti rust treatment for car underside should be done

If you are planning to bring your bike to Ladakh then you will have the most amazing experience as Ladakh is rumored to be THE best place in India for biking. Just make sure that all nuts and bolts on your bike are fastened, the carburetor is tuned and the fuel tank is full and the bike has fully functional electrical wiring. Make sure that you carry a good quality helmet and you are all set to go.

Now that you have all the information handy…Ladakh is sure to be an amazing and safe experience for you!!!

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