Kolkata and Puri Tour Package

Tour Name Kolkata Puri Tour
Tour Duration 13 Days / 12 Nights
Destinations covered Kolkata-Puri-Baliguda-Jeypore-Taptapani-Chilka Lake-Dhauli-Bhubaneshwar-Kolkata
Tour Price On Request


Kolkata is one of the metropolitan cities of the nation and dominates the East. It was, once upon a time, ruled by the East India Company of the Britishers and is a vital trade hub of the country at present. It has a variety of tourist attractions and draws large number of people towards it.

Puri, on the other hand, is located near Kolkata and is house to the Lord Jagannath Temple and many famous beaches and sea geological formations. There are many tour packages of Kolkata and Puri that are provided to the travellers and visitors from time to time. One of the very famous and attractive Kolkata and Puri tour package is described here.

Tourist Itinerary

This tour package is very famous, as it covers many gripping and riveting cities and towns. Among the ones that are included in this travel program are Kolkata, Phulbani, Bhubaneswar, Baliguda, Tumdibandh, Belghar, Rayagada, Chattikona, Jeypore, Kunduli, Machkund and Kashipur.

The others are Taptapani, Chandragiri, Saora, Mohana, Chilka, Raghurapur, Puri and Dhauli. This tour package lasts for a period of thirteen days and twelve nights.

Day One

The trip begins from the cultural capital of India, Kolkata. All the tourists meet here and are welcomed by the travel representative of our company. The tourists are led to an already booked comfortable and luxurious hotel and are requested to relax for some time.

In the afternoon, they are led to a trip across the city. Tourist sites and spots like the College Street, the Howrah Bridge, the Victoria Memorial and the Belur Math are visited, seen and highly praised by one and all. After an exhausting trip across the city, the tourists are guided back to their hotel rooms and are asked to relax for the night.

Day Two

Day two of this tour package begins with the tourists and visitors being taken to the Kolkata airport. From here, they board a flight to Bhubaneshwar, which is also called the temple city of India and is the capital of the state Orissa.

This temple city of India is very famous and is a well known location and residence to the Hindu worshippers. It is a city that promises to win the hearts of all the visitors and tourists and does that successfully.

The tourists are guided to their hotel rooms on reaching, wherein they relax for a while, and then are led to visit the famous and beautifully designed Lingaraj Temple, the stunning and magical Rajrani Temple, the well-sculpted and engraved Mukteswara Temple, all of which are very pleasing and captivating in nature.


The impressive and spectacular Vaital Deula Temple is also seen. These temples are well known for their out-of-the-world carvings, designs, sculptures, molds and architectural shapes and outlines. Day two ends with the tourists being escorted back to their hotel rooms and relaxing for the night.

Day Three

Day three initiates with the tourists being administered towards Baliguda, which is a stunning and sensational piece of land track and route consisting of small mountains covered with Sal trees. This strange town is the entranceway to the tribal settlement areas of this state.

It gives pleasing and beautiful eye shots of its magical and captivating hills, luxuriant and exuberant green forests, tranquil and smooth environmental regions and loving and praiseful fauna and flora to the travellers and visitors.

While passing through this route, the tourists come across Phulbani, which is the hub of innumerable waterfalls, stunning and beautiful spots and hot tourist locations, heavy forests and stony, rough, bouldered and unsmooth areas spread across large land regions. The exhausted night of the tourists is spent in the cozy and luxurious hotel rooms.

Day Four

Day four of the journey begins with departing from Baliguda and going towards Rayagada. Rayagada is a tiny town that is based and enclosed in pieces of grass grounds, woods, grassy vales and waterfalls. The main occupations of the residents of Rayagada are agricultural farming and collecting food items. The land areas are very tempting and enticing in nature.

These delight and please the eyes of the tourists, alongside the dainty and delicate sceneries. The love, care and affection among the tribal members are reflected big time. While passing through this route, the tourists get to have delightful eye-shots of Belghar and Tumudibandha. On reaching the destination, the tourists are led to their respective hotel rooms, wherein they relax for the night.

Day Five

Day five of the trip begins with travelling to Jeypore in the morning and seeing, experiencing and enjoying its natural beauty. Its exuberant and lavish green surroundings and ambience and the dropping waters add to the beauty and magic of this place.

A huge number of tribal members reside in Jeypore. While undergoing this journey, the tourists get to see and enjoy a multi bleached-natural vale comprising of tribal members and brilliant and vivid markets. The tourists get very exhausted by the night and stay in the hotel rooms and relax.

Day Six

The tourists depart for Machkund, the very early next morning, and get to see a stunning and beautiful supply source device, designed and developed, under the Machkund Hydro Electric Project.

There is really nothing very interesting in the travel itinerary of this place, except this, and hence, the rest of the time is spent by them as they want.

Day Seven

Day seven begins with driving towards yet another foreign and astounding location called Kundli. The tourists are directed and administered towards their hotel rooms and are asked to relax for sometime. After getting rejuvenated, they are led on a full-day pleasure trip, travel and expedition to this fashionable, ancient and unusual little town.


The largest tribal trade shops existing and opening here on a weekly basis, end up enchanting and enrapturing the tourists, travellers and visitors. Getting to know about the lives and customs of other tribes and tribal villages is also a very exciting, marvellous and unique experience. That night of the tourists is spent in the nice and comfortable hotel rooms.

Day Eight

Day eight sees the departure of the tourists from here and being driven towards Taptapani. It is a tiny village and is located on one of the hills of the Eastern Ghats. It is an immaculate and perfect place to rejuvenate, spend a vacation and relax.

During the journey, the tourists come across Rayagada and Kashipur, which draw huge number of crowds all around the year. After reaching the destination, the tourists are directed to a tourist bungalow, wherein they relax and sleep for the night.

Day Nine

Day nine begins with heading towards Chandragiri and enjoying its moving and flaring corn and maize fields, fulgurant and eye-popping gardens, pleasing and magical houses and multi-chromatic decorated flags with dragons and influencing and impressive prayers.

The Harijan villages are next in the list of this travel program, wherein the tourists are led to it and wherein, they discover more of the tribal life. After all these visits, they are directed back to Taptapani, wherein they see two famous villages and spend that night.

Day Ten

Day ten sees its beginning with all the tourists being guided towards Puri, which is one of the famous religious locations of India. Puri’s holy and well known Lord Jagannath Temple is visited next by the tourists and its perfect beauty is seen embossed and enamelled by the gorgeous and stunning side of the shiny and bright sea.

Its ancient and old architectural pieces, spiritual and sacred places of worship, sculptural designs, colorful and heavenly natural beauty are some of the other things that are seen, experienced and enjoyed by all the visitors and tourists.

During this trip, the visitors come across the Chilka Lake, which is very impressive and fascinating. This lake is Asia’s biggest unpalatable water lake and is very famous all across the world. After seeing and experiencing all these, the tourists are directed towards their hotel rooms where they sleep and relax for the night.

Day Eleven

This day begins with driving to Konark and visiting the Sun Temple. The Sun Temple is very famous for its sculptural designs. Then, the stunning and marvellous Konark Beach is visited and admired by all. This is followed by sightseeing in Puri.

Day Twelve

This day begins with driving to Bhubaneshwar and visiting Raghurajpur. Raghurajpur is a heritage craft village and is full of society and civilization. Visiting Dhauli is next in the program. Dhauli is situated on the slopes of River Daya and is surrounded by greenery from all the sides.


Then, the tourists are guided back to Bhubaneshwar, from where they board a flight to Kolkata. That night is spent in the city of joy after reaching it.

Day Thirteen

Day thirteen sees and ensures all the tourists being dropped to the Kolkata airport, from where they leave for their respective homes. With this, this tour package comes to an end.

Thus, the Kolkata and Puri tour package is an amazing experience for all the tourists, as they get to explore the ravishing temples, beaches and monuments of these two cities and bask in their glory.

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