9 Beautiful Hill Stations in Kerala

Sobriquet as God’s own country Kerala is one of the most visited destinations in the world. Its pristine beauty, exotic beaches, tranquil backwaters, diverse wildlife, and warm hospitality make it one of the most wonderful destinations in the world. People from across the globe visit Kerala and spend some leisure moments amidst the greenery and intoxicating air of hill resorts. Kerala has some pristinely beautiful hill stations that offer the most enchanting experience of nature in all its virgin beauty to its visitors. The blue mountains of Western Ghats cover some of the unspoiled and unexplored hill stations of Kerala which is an ideal gateway to get an escape from the day-to-day hectic life routine. Some of the enchantingly beautiful hill stations of Kerala include Munnar, Wayanad, Devikulam, Ranipuram, Peerumade, Neliyampathy Wagamon, etc. which are renowned for their spectacular charm, beauty, and freshness. These exotic hill retreats call on scores of tourists to this place from across the globe to enjoy the pleasant climate of these hill stations.

The pristinely beautiful hill stations of Kerala are known for their green meadows, beautiful springs, misty mountain ranges, trekking trails, and exotic flora and fauna. The staggering beauty of these hill stations is simply irresistible that never fails to allure the hearts of tourists. The pleasant climate of these hill stations is in itself a major attraction among visitors. The hill stations of Kerala are a perfect retreat for honeymoon couples and nature lovers. The Kerala Vacation provides various hill station packages to its visitors to have a fantastic sojourn in these misty Kerala hill stations.


Munnar Hill Station

Girded the three-sided by three main rivers – Periyar, Thalayar, and Thodupuzha, Munnar is the eco spot where one’s soul could be at peace. Set at a height of 6,000 ft Idukki district used to be the most favored summer vacationing spot during the erstwhile British rule. The presence of towering high ranges and pristine valleys that one would find in this place could just take anyone’s breath away. The lucky ones would also get to see the blue sea of Neelakuriji, a wildflower that blooms only once in 12 years in the area.

Marked with an unending expanse of tea plantations and exotic species of flora and fauna in its wild sanctuaries and forests, Munnar is the place where one could sense the aroma of spice scented cool air. A peek into the lives of the tribal population of the area with their unique customs and beliefs makes the place more exotic and authentically wild. While the place can be reached on road from any part of the state, from the metro Kochi it is 130 km away.


Lakkidi View

Traveling along the winding roads of Thamarassery Ghat pass the wanderlust traveler could make his first pit stop at Lakkidi, a hill station that is 700 meters above sea level. The tourist spot which is located at the gateway to the scenic Wayanad district is a place to relax while enjoying the misty climate and the sight of luxuriant woods on all sides. Located 55 km east of Kozhikode district, the place is rich with lofty peaks and gurgling streams.

The hill station is dotted with resorts and shot stay homes which are less expensive and also comfortable. Guided tours of the hill station with its sprawling vegetation and wildlife sanctuaries are available.



A visit to Ponmudi (rightly named golden hair) would make one fall for eternal serenity. Situated at a distance of 61 km from the capital city, Thiruvananthapuram, and lying at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level, the place is famous for its tea estates and natural springs. The winding streams and verdant woods provide the quiet surroundings one needs for a peaceful day out.

The place is an abode of rare varieties of orchids and could be the right place for those fond of flowers. Other attractions in Ponmudi are Peppara wildlife sanctuary, Golden Valley, and deer park. The hill station is also close to Aranmula famous for its lively boat race and artistic mirrors. Varkala which is known as a religious pilgrimage location also falls close to the place.


Devikulam Lake

The hill station located 16 km from Munnar in the Idukki district has a mythical charm. For those intrigued by the Indian epic Ramayana, the place could be of interest as it is believed that Goddess Sita came down to a lake situated here to spend time with her beloved Lord Rama. The place is known for its serene Sita Devi lake which is believed to be the one in which the God and the Goddess spent time sharing some lighter moments with each other. The waters of the lake are believed to be medicinal, soothing the body and also the soul. For the regular tourist, it will be interesting to know that the lake is also a spot for trout fishing.

The place has its share of tea plantations and also has a spice garden which is run by the district tourism promotion council. The place is accessible on-road and is an ideal place to be even at the height of summer.


Peerumedu during monsoon

Another distinguished hill station with a unique historical background is Peerumedu. It got its name from Peer Mohammad, the famed Sufi saint. Located around 85 km from Kottayam, the place is known for its cool and moist climate. As it is an abode of spices, a traveler visiting Peerumedu is enveloped by a fragrance that is delightfully intoxicating. While visiting the place one should not give its cardamom and eucalyptus plantations a miss.

Interestingly, the place is also a hot spot for honeymooning couples and has luxurious and romantic cottages which open their windows to the rich scenic beauty. While the nearest airport to the place will be Nedumbassery, it is easily accessible by road for an in-house visitor.


Beautiful Vagamon

If wildlife in its natural surroundings is what one is looking for, then Vagamon or Wagamon is the best place to visit. Set at an altitude of 1100 m from the sea level and 65 km from the Idukki district, one would find elephants strolling through the Vagamon woods. The place which has many natural streams attracts different species of animals from the forest that come to frolic in these waters.

The hill station is supported by three hills including Kurisumala, Thangal hills, and Murugan hills. The green tea plantations of the area which sprawl along the hilly yet green regions of the place attract visitors. The place can be reached by road and is 60 km from the Kottayam district.


News to Use:

  • Location:  From Peermade it is just 5 kms away in Kerala
  • Also popularly known as: Parunthupara
  • Plantations: Of coffee, Tea and Cardamom
  • Important Feature: The view from the peaks of the hill of surroundings is panoramic

Grampi hill station

Grampi is a pictorial hill station located 5 kms away from Peermade in Kerala. It is also popularly known as Parunthupara which means eagle rock. It is called eagle rock because of the panoramic view that one enjoys from its high peaks.

Grampi is surrounded all over by tea, coffee, and Cardamom plantations. The most important part of Grampi is that the view of the surrounding is breathtaking from the peak.

People who come here enjoy the breathtaking view from the huge height of the peaks where the surroundings and other things down appear small as if they are toys. The cool breeze of the mountain is also enjoyed and people who come here do not wish to go back early as they get attached to this place with some incredible sights which they find new every time they look at it.

Forest trekking trail, rocky plains, picturesque view, and the lush green hillsides make this place more charming. The road to Grampi is spread by stretches that are unending of coffee, tea, and cardamom plantation.


News to Use:

  • Location:  From Mannarkkad it is 38 kms away
  • Area: 827 sq kms
  • Main Features:  The Gigantic Shivlinga
  • Important Tribes:  Mudugars, Irolas.
  • Attappady, Kerala, India:

Attappady hill station

Attappady is a beautiful and picturesque place situated in Palakkad district on the northeastern side and is 38 kms away from Mannarkkad. It is widely spread over the area of 827 sq kms that has the biggest ethnic settlement. The main feature of this place is the colossal Shivlinga. The main ethnic group here is Irolas and Mudugars.

Attappady has the largest tribal settlement which is surrounded on all the sides and is covered with a hilly flat landscape fed by tributaries of the river Cauvery. There are many rivulets of Bhavani River with the crown of the Ghat ranges which is located above a widespread mountain valley, which is occupied mainly by tribes and some people settling there who have come from Tamil Nadu.

A beautiful synthesis of the forest, mountains, and rivers attract many visitors from which the many people attracted towards it are anthropologists as this place has been a habitat for a number of tribes such as ‘mudugars’ and ‘irolas’. The tribals worship the Malleshwaram peak as a gigantic Shivlinga and they also celebrate the Festival of Shivratri with great interest where a number of people participate from near and distant places. They celebrate this festival by giving milk, flowers, and sweets on Shivlinga and also they light the top of the peak.

This is one of the famous places that most people definitely visit when they go to Kerala. This is also famous among the local people and they usually come to this place to enjoy the view and the atmosphere of this place. The other famous places are Siruvani Drinking Water Reservoir and Silent Valley National Park. There is the highest peak in the district is located here.


There are not many options for accommodation. The PWD rest house is available for stay with some good facilities available and there are a few private hotels which offer accommodation with affordable price and some basic facilities.


News to Use :

  • Location :  From Munnar 13 kms away, Kerala
  • Elevation : 1700 m above sea level.
  • Popular for : Indo – Swiss Livestock Project
  • Language spoken : English, Hindi and Malayalam

Mattupetti Hill Station

Mattupetty is located in Munnar just 13 kms away, in Kerala which is at an elevation of 1700 m above sea level. It is popular for the Indo-Swiss livestock project, and dairy farm. There are over more than 100 special types of high-yielding cattle found here.

Tourists are only allowed in three cattle sheds from eleven at the farm. Apart from this place, there is the Mattupetti Dam and Lake which is one of the famous picnic spots where most people come with their families on weekends to enjoy and relax.

The sprawling Kundala Lake and Kundala tea plantation are the other attractions in the locality. Mattupetty Dam has boating facilities available which is provided by DTPC Idukki. The slow and speed motorboats are available on hire.

Major Attractions

Mattupetty Dam and Lake are appreciated by people who are lovers of nature. It is settled on the hills of Idukki which is one of the most naturally wealthy districts in Kerala. The weary souls get consolation by the peaceful and cool waters of Mattupetty Lake. This pleasant destination can be best viewed by a boat cruise.

Indo-Swiss Livestock Project

Mattupetty is famous for its Indo-Swiss livestock Project where enhanced varieties of cattle are bred. The visitors can visit the farm anytime from Morning to evening.

Getting There

  • By Air: Around 130 kms away is Cochin International Airport which is the nearest airport to this place.
  • By Rail: From Munnar, 142 kms away is Kottayam which is the closest Railway Station.
  • By Road: One can reach Mattupetty easily from Munnar which is around 13 kms away.


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