Tourist Places in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a modern city with a majority of Muslims and is situated in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh in India. Some of the tourist places in Hyderabad reflect the culture and history of the city and some of them represent the beauty and diversity of its nature and sightseeing spots.

Hyderabad City

Some of them signify its religious facets and aspects, some of them point towards its wildlife and plants and there are still some other remaining ones that represent and indicate the general gloriousness and splendidness of the city. Some of the important and popular tourist places of the city are mentioned below :


One of the prides of the city and the main reason for Hyderabad being famous all around the world, Charminar is a historical site that has a lot of ancient significance and is always present in the list of must-visits in the city. This historical site is situated in the centre of the city and is about fifty six metres tall and thirty metres broad.

A historical memorial and site, it was constructed and designed by Sultan Quli Qutub Shah in 1591 and signifies some good qualities of humanity like compatibilty, kinship and friendliness.

The markets that surround Charminar from most of the sides are very well- known and are very often called-on by thousands of tourists and travellers from all across the world and the country. The monument is a very good example of a brilliant mix of a Muslim and Indian building structure and is a square-formed edifical construction that amazes all.

Birla Planetarium and Science Museum

Birla Planetarium and the Science Museum is situated on the Naubat Road of the city and has been running since 1985. It is one of the unique and contemporary planetariums of the nation and its museum is situated in a concave shaped building.

This museum is very instructive and informative and entertains all its visitors. The planetarium conducts and runs sky shows on a daily basis and focuses on different subjects of the universe on a periodic basis.

Its shows are very pleasing, attractive and lively and take the audiences on an altogether different journey into the mysterious universe. Its sound quality is marvellous and awesome, and it remains shut for the public on the last Thursdays of all the months.

It remains open for them from ten in the mornings to eight fifteen in the evenings. The admission charges are very reasonable, being only Rupees thirteen per head. With providing so much information, knowledge and wonderful shows, the Birla Planetarium and Science Museum are must-visits in the city of Hyderabad.

Nehru Zoological Garden and Park

The Nehru Zoological Garden and Park is situated near the Mir Alam Tank and is also known as the Hyderabad Zoo. It is one of the three most frequented locations in the city and was founded in 1959. It has been functioning since then, but was opened for the public in 1963.

It is administered, directed, overseen and supervised by the Forest Department of the Government of the state and is named after Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of independent India.

The Zoo is house to a broad range of animals who live and move around freely and are given abundant food and water by the authorities of the zoo. Leopard cats and tigers are some of the attractions here, among many others.

Alleygator Entertainment and Ocean Water Park

This park has risen and developed as one of the popular and favorite hang-out and fun parks of the city and attracts all kinds of people. Various kinds of indoor and outdoor sports and adventure activities are available for them, some of them being go-karting and video games.

Ocean Water Park is a water park that is very famous and visited by hundreds of tourists and visitors from all across the nation and the city. The water riding and sporting activities of these two entertainment and fun parks are carried out and run on the grounds of global regularizations and modulations by following all the rules and regulations of safety.

This fact makes these rides and adventure sports very popular to indulge in and a ‘want-to-experience’ for all.

Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film City is placed and situated at a distance of about one hour’s drive from the airport of the city and boasts of offering many adaptable spots and places, ranging from an Indian village to a Swiss Street to its visitors.

It is the world’s biggest incorporated and unified film studio edifical construction and structure that is distributed and spread over a land area of about sixteen hundred sixty six acres.

It is also a recreational and tourist place, wherein people come and spend some good time. About three million tourists visit the studios and a huge income is generated from the tourists visiting the complex alone. Two famous hotels are situated at the entry point of the film city.


Shameerpet is situated at a distance of about twenty four kilometres from the city and is situated on the outer sections or boundaries of Hyderabad. It is smothered and skirted by greenery and has a stunning lake that has been built recently and serves the purpose of a picnic spot for the tourists and visitors.

Shameerpet is also a house to a famous deer park called the Jawahar Deer Park, which is a wildlife park devoted to the safety of deers. There are two very famous temples in and around this area. This place is very famous for its cool breeze that it provides to its visitors and partly for its villages and entertainment and fun clubs.

Hussain Sagar Lake

The Hussain Sagar Lake was constructed by Qutub Shah in 1575 and is a big stilted and contrived lake that bridges and links the two twin cities of Secunderabad and Hyderabad. This lake is situated on an island that has a heroic, huge and epic statue of Buddha. The tourists and the travellers take joyful boat rides and reach the island on which the statue lies.

This statue looks stunningly gorgeous at nights, when it is decorated and lightened-up and is the main attraction of the majority of the tourists. The statue boasts of having a famous park all around it, called the Lumbini Park, which has musical water jet springs and is accountable for attracting large number of travellers and visitors.

Golconda Fort

The Golconda Fort is yet another famous historical monument of the city and is a fort that goes back to the sixteenth century and is located towards the western boundaries and sections of the city. It has a rich compilation of diamonds and is one of the most scarcely found and uncommon pieces of sculptural edifical constructions in the nation.

The Golconda Fort also conducts a light and sound show that is very impressive and historical in nature. These shows are conducted in different timings in summers and winters and in the three different languages of Telugu, Hindi and English for the audiences and tourists.

Thus, the important and fun tourist places in Hyderabad are mentioned above, and it is a nice and enjoyable experience to visit them, atleast once in a lifetime.

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