Travel Tips You Need To Know Before Visiting Goa

Goa, the ‘pearl of the Orient’ as it is popularly called attracts thousands of tourists every year. The churches, the beach shaques, the beach parties, the typical Goan cuisine, the palmy beaches and scenic views all crête an intoxicating effect on vacationers. But whenever you visit a new place, you need to have some proper guideline. This article will offer you informative travel tips to Goa.

Calangute Beach Goa

Vast sandy stretches, sea beach, sunbath, cold drink while relaxing under the beaming sunrays, foreigners, festivity, adventure sports! Well this is what comes to our mind when we think of a trip to Goa. One of the most sought after travel destinations in India, Goa, is in the list of places to visit of almost every adventure crazy youth of India.

If you are one among them, here are a few tips which would come handy during your trip to Goa.

Travel tips to Goa- the Dos and Don’ts

  • It’s always advisable to be careful with your cash, especially when you are at a new place.So, during your stay in Goa, carry our cash safely. Do not keep any cash in the back pocket of your jeans or trouser.
  • Money belt is a good option to use. Hide it from the sight of common people and keep all your cash and travel documents in it.
  • Do not carry much cash with yourself. Carry enough traveller’s cheques instead. You can exchange them from most locations. You’ll get ample roadside ATM options. It’s better to draw cash from ATMs as per your need.
  • While travelling do not leave any of your belonging unaided. While in train you can attach your luggage to chain and lock them up for safety.
  • While boarding in a hotel give your baggage only to official hotel bellboys.
  • As a precautionary measure, carry one ID proof of yourself wherever you go. Make sure your ID proof contains your name, contact information, address, blood group and emergency contact number.
  • Do not take foodstuffs from unknown people. You never know! This might well be a trap used to put you to sleep so that thieves can get away with your belongings.
  • Do not just stick to the most popular beaches of Goa like Panaji or Calangute. Spend time at the other beaches as well. Not only are they beautiful and comfortable, but also safer. The chance of snatchers or wallet lifters is more in the more crowded beaches. However, even after that, you should always keep your belongings to yourself.
  • If you want to have a bite of the authentic Goanese culinary try some items out from the local food joints. Often, these places offer you more accurate Goan cuisines than the luxury multi cuisine restaurants.
  • In Goa you’ll get ample options of fresh and delicious sea food dishes. Do try them out!
  • Drink only packaged drinking water or mineral water to avoid any health hazards.
  • Verify all the bills at hotels, restaurants or shops before paying them.
  • Not just adventure lovers, even shopaholics would love Goa for the easy availability of artworks, antique pieces, jewelries, alcohols etc. However, there are chances that you would end up giving higher price for an item if you don’t bargain well before buying.
  • Making products from endangered species is banned in Goa. No matter how tempting they seem, do not buy them from any shop.
  • Although, partying at night is a common affair in Goa, but make sure you do not lose your control on yourself.
  • While visit8ing the religious places make sure you maintain silence and decency. Always put your phone on silent mode or switch your device off when you are inside a church or a temple.

Outfit Ideas:

  • Since the climate is hot and humid over here so cotton outfits are suggestible.
  • Get yourself ready for a beachside party by wearing a nice brightly colored floral casualwear. Team your dress up with accessories like hats and sunglasses to set the perfect mood.
  • The interiors of the state remain pretty cold during winter. So, carry winter wears along with you if you are opting for a visit during the dry season.
  • Wearing swimsuits or beach wears are allowed over here. Even if you don’t carry one with yourself, they are available easily in the local stores.

For The Foreign Tourists

In addition to the above mentioned list, here are a few quick tips for the foreign tourists visiting Goa.

  • In case you want to hire a car or ride a rented motor cycle (an interesting tourist attraction in Goa) make sure that you own an international driving license.
  • If you are driving yourself, obey traffic rules. Remember, in India you must keep left while driving.
  • Do not exchange currencies at the black market.
  • Be extra cautious when you buy any stuff or rent a car. Shopkeepers would cite excessively high price and try to deceive you. Check multiple sources before going for anything.

No matter how an exciting and happening tourist destination Goa is, it is always better to be safe than sorry. So it’s advisable to have a quick look at these tips before you head on to Goa-be it with your friends or on your honeymoon!

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