Shah Jahan The Lover

A distinguished emperor all over the world and among the history notes, Shah Jahan is known all over the world for his marvelous creation of the Taj Mahal. His name appears incomplete without the mention of his beloved Mumtaz Mahal, in whose love he got a beautiful structure like Taj Mahal made. He might have ruled his kingdom for a short duration in comparison to his counterparts and successors but his contribution to the development of his kingdom is worth appreciation.

Shah Jahan The Lover

Shah Jahan was a Mughal Emperor who reigned from 1627 to 1658. Born to Emperor Jehangir as Prince Shihab- ud- din Muhammed Khurram in Lahore in Pakistan in 1592, he was a bright child who grew up into a bright man and a bright King. Shah Jahan’s grandfather Akbar had given him the name ‘Khurram’ which means joyful in Persian.

He was bestowed with the title of ‘Builder of the Marvels’ which proved to be highly earned by him after his contribution to the architectural world. As a young Emperor, he had a huge interest in re-creating the old structures into more splendid structures. For an instance, he had re-designed a few structures inside the Agra Fort. He has his name associated with other structures like Red Fort, Jama Masjid, the Pearl Mosque located in Diwan- i- am, and Diwan- I – Khas in the Fort of Delhi.

Shah Jahan was an able military man too. He had fought bravely against the enemies like Mewar, Kangra, and many more after which his proud father Jehangir conferred the title ‘Shah Jahan Bahdur’ upon him.

Very less people know that Shah Jahan was only 15 years of age when he got married to Mumtaz Mahal who was hardly 14 years of age at that time. She was the great grand daughter of a Persian noble. Spending time together, both of them fell in deep love with each other and eventually, she became his life. Shah Jahan had married Arjumand Banu Begum whom he found incomparably beautiful, so, bestowed upon her the title ‘Mumtaz Mahal’ and thus, she became Mumtaz Mahal for the whole of her life and for the world. ‘Mumtaz Mahal’ means Jewel in the Crown.

History says that though Shah Jahan had other wives too, Mumtaz Mahal was his love because she was an evergreen companion to him. His other wives were not more than just for the sake of marriage for a good purpose while Mumtaz Mahal accompanied him at all his journeys even military ones. They shared an intense relationship that had to be exemplary for the world to witness and learn from. They married in 1612 and stayed together happily till Mumtaz Mahal died in 1631 while giving birth to their fourteenth child. Her grief was an intolerable feeling for Shah Jahan who was in extreme love with her. He left the Central Deccan and came to Agra, After buying a piece of land at the ned of the River Yamuna, Shah Jahan thought of creating the world’s most beautiful monument in the memory of his beloved. He buried Mumtaz Mahal inside the Taj Mahal and declared his burial after death beside her tomb.

Shah Jahan died in 1666 while being in house arrest. His son fought for the throne and the power and Shah Jahan, then incapable to control the battle of succession was put under house arrest where he died. His body was lifted quietly by two men and he was buried beside his beloved in the Taj Mahal as he had declared. Thus, the two lovers lay there together in life and death.

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