Dances of Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Nicobarese dance is a dance that is performed by Nicobarese living in the Car Nicobar. Nicobarese are an interesting group of tribes who inhabit the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This is the only tribe which has lived in a secluded manner and which has unique and special tribal ways. These tribes are not influenced by any kind of modern lifestyle or education or modern civiliazation.

Tribal festivities are observed greatly in the Nicobar Islands and the more the merrier. The Nicobarese Dance is actually performed in a particular way. It is usually performed during the Ossuary Feast or the Pig Festival. This is normally dedicated specially to the head of the family. This festival is normally celebrated with a lot of dancing in the light of the moon and with the sight of the beautiful coconut palms waving here it is difficult not to come back here just to enjoy this sight. With colourful dresses, the dancers in their colourful coconut fronds perform very graceful steps and dance to the traditional songs. There is a pig fight that follows the feast that is given and the entire occasion is a great celebration for the Nicobarese.

Nicobarese Dance

India is a land of culture, tradition, dance and folk dances. These form a major part of the social life here in these regions of India. Folk dances in India depict the community’s feelings and the camaraderie that exists amongst them. These tribes make up a major part of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. These are the initial people who used to live here in these pristine islands. The dances here from this region actually showcase the absolute distinct culture of the tribes that are so typical of this region. The Nicobarese dance is one of the most important dances from this part of India. The Nicobarese live in the Car Nicobar Island and the Nicobarese dance is a major folk dance of this region.

The Nicobarese tribes make up the major portion of the tribal population living here in the Nicobar Islands. The Nicobar Islands is where the Shompen tribe live and these semi nomadic tribe are found living in these regions of the Great Nicobar Island.

As the Nicobarese step gracefully to the bet of the traditional songs it is a sensuous sight to see the leader move around in a certain movement. The dancers make a movement to the left and then to the right. They follow the leader. The entire group jumps in total unison and they jump down on both the heels. The guitar is the accompanying instrument. The most important feature of the Nicobarese dance is the feast that follows the dance.

Island Tourism Festival

Andaman & Nicobar Islands is the most popular tourist spot that is located in the south Eastern part of Asia. This land with its natural picturesque scenes looks absolutely heavenly and has the best sights of clean waters with ideal surroundings. With the various tribes and the varied religions living together here, Nicobar Islands is a place which is paradise incarnate. This is one of the most beautiful regions which has a lot of interaction with the various kinds of religion.

Nicobarese islands is one of the place where dance is very important in this part of the world. The culture here is a different kind and the traditions that the people observe is something very unique. It is in a glorious manner that the Nicobarese dance this very special dance is danced. The whole sight of the dancers with their coconut leaves dress, look resplendent and graceful.

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