Dodital Trek – An Awesome Winter Treks in Uttarakhand

Dodital nestles between Asi Ganga and Hanuman Ganga. It is seated at an elevation of 3, 310m.Dodital trek in the crest of the magnificent mountains is divine. The lake is made mysterious with the presence of thick forests of oak, pine, deodar and rhododendron. It shimmers like an emerald and is full of Himalayan golden trout.

Assi Ganga River

Ideal season to trek Dodital: It is from December to March.

Location of Dodital: It is located in Uttarkashi District, between Asi Ganga and Hanuman Ganga along the Yamuna.

Trekking Dodital

Day1: Sangam Chatti-Agoda

Move to Sangam Chatti from Kalyani. Tread to Agoda. You reach Agoda after climbing up. You can pitch tents here after paying a nominal price to the locals. Going down to Asi Ganga is an experience worthwhile. Climb back to Agoda before sunset to admire its beauty & camp here.

Day 2: Agoda-Dodital

March from Agoda to Dodital. Tread along hillsides, cliffs and into forests. Then you’ll reach a bridge, cross Manghi and walk through forests till you go past the final incline to reach Dodital.

After crossing a small bridge, you reach the Forest Rest House, then you see the lake. Dodital lake is as clear as crystal. Trout fish found in abundance in this lake has caused the lake to be called as Dodital because Trout’s are called Dodi in local language. On its left bank you see a temple of lord Ganesh. You can camp or stay in Forest Rest House.

Camp site At Dodital

After you have enjoyed to the fullest at Dodital, you can return to Kalyani the same way or move on to Yamunotri.

Day 3: Dodital-Darwa Pass-Sima

Move to Hanuman Chatti. The climb from Dodital is steep and long. It is, thus, advisable not to leave if there are chances of weather becoming unsuitable. It is a straight route with little diversions. The path may mislead. It starts from the lake’s feeder stream, passes through forests before emerging on a trail close to the upper realms of the tree line. Climb the alpine Darwa Dhar Ridge, the watershed of the Ganga and Yamuna River valleys. After last of the crossings at this stretch, move to the range’s top. Pass the foot of the Darwa Glacier reaching Darwa Top. This is a good Campsite. Crossing Darwa pass greets you with vistas of Bandarpoonch, Swargarohini Range. Descending to Hanuman Ganga Valley takes you to Sima. You can camp here.

Day 4: Sima-Hanuman Chatti

Sima, Seema or Shima, as it is variously (mis) spelt, acts as midpoint between Dodital and Hanuman Chatti. From Sima descend to Hanuman Ganga River, then to Hanuman Chatti. Traveler’s Rest House is a good stay here.

Day 5: Hanuman Chatti-Yamunotri

From Hanuman Chatti, tread to Banas (Narad Chatti), further to Phool Chatti, even more to Janaki Chatti and finally to Yamunotri. Yamunotri Temple is dominated by Bandarpoonch peak. You can comfortably stay at Traveler’s Rest House overnight.

Dodital Darwa Pass Trek

Day 6: Yamunotri-Saptrishi Kund-Yamunotri

A glacial lake on the Kalinda Parvat is Yamunotri’s source. The ascent is tough. The reward is spectacular sights of virginal alpine meadows.

Day 7: Yamunotri-Hanuman Chatti

Adjacent to the Yamunotri temple zone, the most prominent of the various hot water springs is the Surya Kund. While returning to Hanuman Chatti, visit Someshwar temple at Kharsali. You can stay overnight at Traveler’s Rest House.

Dodital trek is a unique experience which makes you feel elated. Tranquil setting of the crystal clear Dodital works for calming down your soul disturbed by the routine tensions. Marching in the Himalayan heights and coming to Dodital to relax is a worth cherishing episode.

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