Ambaji Mandir – Holy place of Gujarat

Many of the Indian cities are home to not just one or two, but several multiple temples and other places that are important from religious and historical perspective. Many of these structures and establishments have been well preserved by the authorities so that the visitors are able to make the most of their trip by exploring these sites and creating beautiful memories for a lifetime.

Ambaji Temple

One very important city that has been inviting the history lovers from various parts of India and the world is Ambaji.


Located in the state of Gujarat, the city of Ambaji is a part of Banaskantha district. With a population of around not more than 50,000 people, the city is a Shakti Peeth (the worship place devoted to Goddess Shakti).


The original date of the establishment of this city is not known though the presence of the Holy Shakti Visa Shree Yantra suggests that like the other Shakti Peethas in India, this city has also been in existence for more than a thousand years now.

The Holy Shakti Visa Shree Yantra is placed at “Arasuri Temple”. This Yantra has been placed in a way that it cannot be captured in a photograph. People are even prohibited to look at this Yantra. They can worship only after their eyes are bandaged.

Ambaji Temple Inside

Gabbar, a hill range, is located at the border of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Close to this mountain flows the Saraswati River. According to the religious texts, a piece of heart of Devi Sati fell on this mountain after she lay dead. A temple stands here, and a Holy Lamp which burns continuously is placed in front of the Holy Yantra. This is the original seat of Ambaji Mata, while the temple is at a distance of around 5 kilometres from this hill.

The Gabbar Hill is spread across an area of 8.33 kilometre square at an altitude of 1600 feet above sea level.

The modern day Ambaji town, apart from being a visitor’s paradise, has also become an important business hub. The marble and granite mines of this town have attracted many businessmen to excavate these mines and use the marble and granite for commercial purposes.

What to See

As you visit the town and the temple, you will become witness to a beautiful, mesmerizing, and a very sacred place which is believed to be the Origin of the Supreme Cosmic Power of the Universe. Being one of the fifty-one such places across the Indian subcontinent, it attracts millions of visitors. Moreover, it is not just the Ambaji temple that is worth visiting. There are several other famous sites around that you must explore as you visit Ambaji. These places are:

Kamakshi Mandir

This temple is at a stone’s throw from Ambaji temple. This temple is famous for the reconstructed Shakti Peethas, 51 in total, installed in order to enlighten the visitors about all the incarnations of Goddess Shakti.

Kailash Hill

Kailash Hill

Kailash Hill is very close to the Ambaji Temple and is a beautiful place to be at [Image Source]Another beautiful location of Ambaji, this hill is just 1.5 kilometres away from the temple. Above the hill is a beautiful temple of Lord Shiva and a Sunset Point from where you can watch the setting sun scattering its warmth and glow over the sky. The Temple Trust has been maintaining the Shivalaya (as the temple is called) and a large gate made out of stone has been installed near the temple.


At the backside of the main temple in Ambaji is Mansarovar. A devotee from Ahmadabad by the name Shri Tapishanker had constructed this tank. There are two temples at either side of this holy tank. The devotees who visit the temple take a holy bath in this tank.


Koteshwar Temple near Ambaji

The temple of Shri Koteshwar Mahadev is at a distance of 8 kilometres from the Ambaji temple. Just like the Mansarovar, there is a holy tank attached to this temple.

There is a Valmiki Mahadev temple and an ashram that belonged to Rishi Valmiki, a robber turned saint who wrote the epic Ramayana.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit this ancient town is the monsoon and winter season, from July to September and October to February, respectively. Summers are not very extreme, still the visitors might have a hard time exploring the city in a temperature that soars up to $42 degrees on an average.

Visitors should plan to reach the town during the festival of Navratri in the month of October or November. This festival is celebrated enthusiastically by the residents of the state. The decorations and the events that take place are interesting to look at and participate.

How to Reach

Ambaji is located at a distance of 190 kilometres from the city of Ahmadabad, where there is an international airport. It connects the state with various cities of the state, various states of the country, and various countries of the world. Thus, visitors can board a flight to Ahmadabad from where they can hire a private taxi or travel through a public transport means to Ambaji.

Abu Road station is the closest railways station to Ambaji, at a distance of 31 kilometres. This station connects Ambaji to several neighboring cities and other states as well.

The town of Ambaji and its offerings are a must see for every traveler who searches for a piece of history to bite on and relish the succulent pleasures that are derived from exploring the various attractions of this place.

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