Almora To Jageshwar Trek In Uttarakhand

The routine activities at weekends bore us sometimes. Going for Almora to Jageshwar trek over a long weekend is a unique and an interesting change. The hike is a low altitude one and takes you through the beautiful terraced fields, thick forests and simple Kumaoni villages. The attractions are the birds, rhododendron trees, the temple complex at Jageshwar, the ancient temple of Vridh (old) Jageshwar and massive deodar trees. Kasar Devi Temple is also worth visiting.

Jageshwar Dham

Ideal season to trek Almora to Jageshwar: It is from October to early March.

Location of Almora and Jageshwar: The geographical location is in Almora district, Kumaon Himalayas.

Trekking Almora to Jageshwar

Day1: Kalmatia Sangam-Deora

From Kalmatia Sangam Resorts move to Matagaon village and follow the path skirting the bottom of the hill and turning north-east. Climb up the hill after you have crossed a river and are keeping to the valley’s true right. Reach the Mahegad Shiva temple. Now move to the Bintola fields. After Bintola village, the path takes you to Naini village. Its vicinity is beautified with some old temples. From Naini, make a start to Deora village. Find Nar Singh’s house for night’s stay.

Day 2: Deora-Dhaulachina

From Deora village top, follow the path skirting the hill, then descending and passing by Chirala village. Now catch the track heading to the old Sapteshwar Mahadev Temple. Take a small break at a tea shop here. Then make a restart for the Palyu village. The path now enters pine forests, then drops down to a small shallow stream. Cross it and climb to other bank. From here move ahead and you’ll find a path leading up the steep embankment to your right. You reach main road through this. Scrambling up the hill will bring you to Kahlon village. Take the path from here winding up to Dhaulachina. On reaching here; you have ample time to spend as you wish.

Day 3: Dhaulachina-Jwalabanj

Take the tack which will bring you to the Mata Anandamayi Ashram which is seated on the ridge’s top giving spectacular sights around. Catch the path descending through pine (chir) forests. It skirts around the hill and takes you to dense oak and rhododendron forests. Carry on till you finally reach Jwalabanj. Now look to the track to your left climbing to Umed Singh’s home-your night stay at Jwalabanj.

Jageshwar Trekking Route

Day 4: Jwalabanj-Jageshwar via Vridh Jageshwar

After capturing a view of the Central Himalayas from Neelkanth (Garhwal) to Nampa (Nepal), move to the track which brought you up the ridge. Carry on till you reach a point where some boulders provide a picnic spot. This track traverses and joins the road, and descends from here to Vridh Jageshwar. A 1,200-year-old temple impresses you here. The path continues below the old temple. Spending time at many stone temples and shrines on the way is pleasurable. You can stop at the other old temple of Dandeshwar and see the prehistoric rock paintings at Lakhudiar.

Trekking option

On day one, head to Binsar Sanctuary; spend the night at Forest Rest house. On day two head to Dhaulachina.
Almora to Jageshwar trek is a trek of an easy level that soothes your trekking desires completely by giving picturesque views as a reward. Do not forget to carry some insect repellant to keep away the fleas or ticks. In a nutshell, this trek will invigorate your senses.

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