History of Andhra Pradesh

The history of this place goes as back as epic era. This state has been mentioned in many epics like Mahabaratham, Ramayanam and small folklores like Jataka Tales. A lot of different rulers have ruled this place in bits and pieces and also as a whole.

History of Andhra Pradesh

The oldest inscription about this place can be dated as back as 600 BC. In BC era, this place was under the control of Ashoka the great. You can find a lot of Buddhist architectures that were built during this period. By 2nd BC, this place went into the rule of Satavahana Dynasty. During this period the capital of this place was Amaravati which is on the banks of river Krishna. This place was chosen as capital as it was a centre of trade. Even today, this place has a lot of monuments and trade related attractions. By the beginning of AD, this place went into the hands of Pallavas. Later, the place was ruled in pieces by Cholas, Kakatiyas and Chalukyas.

In 12th century, this region can under the control of Kakatiyas. They built a lot of indestructible forts like Warangal fort. This was the main era when many forts and other monuments related to Hinduism were built. When this reign fell, the place went into the hands of Muslim rulers and a few small rulers.

In the middle of 13th century, this Deccan plateau fell into the hands of sultans. A few strong regions were ruled by major kingdoms like Vijayanagar Kingdom. By the end of 16th century, the whole region which is now the Andhra Pradesh state fell into sultans. In the middle of 17th century, Qutb Shahi dynasty ruled this place and built a lot of marvels in this region. By the end of 17th century, Nizams who were ruling this state became allies of British who took over this state under their control.

When foreign invaders entered India, this state was under the control of French. British and French fought for this state using India’s resources and soldiers and at last British won the war and this state came under the control of East India Company in the end of 18th century. During Independence struggle, this state stayed as a landmark for many major Independence struggle movement. After Independence, this state was divided into 21 districts. About 9 of those districts were ruled by Nizams. 11 districts of this state were added from Tamil Nadu region and Hyderabad became the capital of this enlarged state.

Later, in the beginning of 21th century, the state was divided into Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Though Hyderabad became a part of Telangana, it still serves as the capital for both the regions. Though there are talks for choosing another capital for Andhra Pradesh, there are no concrete decisions that are taken yet.

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