Chhath Puja Festival


  • Occasion: Chhath Puja
  • Location: Bihar
  • Festival Time: October-November
  • Legend or Deity: Sun God
  • Cuisine: Thekuwa, Laddoo, Sattu ki Roti, Litti, Padas, Dahi, Chutney
  • Tourists Attraction: Lighting earthen lamp on the riverbank, Pooja rituals
  • Staying Options: Hotel Chanakya, Hotel Pataliputra, Maurya Patna, Hotel Samrat
Chhath Festival

Celebrate the advent of the monsoons. Celebrated on the third day of the bright Unlike the festivals and rituals performed inside the four corner of temple or home, Chhath Festival followed on the river bank. It is believed to be thanks giving festival to Sun God, the supreme power blessing life on the earth. It is celebrated with great fun and frolic all over India, but the real essence can be felt with visiting Bihar, where pious Ganga gets dotted with devotees on the two- day festival

Chhath festival is a two day celebration. On the first day, devotees rise up early in the morning and proceed towards praying ‘Surya Dev’ on the nearby river banks. They are accompanied by chorus, singing devotional folk songs. Men, with bare-chest carries offerings in a basket made of bamboo weaves. Bunch of bananas, coconut, flowers, sandalwood paste, oranges, earthen lamp and turmeric are some contents to be offered at any cost.

Devotees offer prayer before the sun rises. They make a holy dip on the chilling water and chant mantras of Rig Veda with great religious heart. A glimpse of the lighting lamps, floating on the river is simply unexplainable. After completion of the day ritual, Prasad are distributed, following moving back home.

The second day ritual starts in the afternoon. Devotees maintain fast and like the first day, they visit the river bank, worship God and offer their preparations. All the rituals are done before the setting sun. During Chhat festivals devotees avoid having salted meals and feed themselves with Prasad and fruits.

Chhath Festival Attraction and Celebration

Chhath Puja Celebration

Devotees start preparing for the festival soon after the festival of light, Diwali. They clean their house, sweep away dirts from the surrounding, buy new clothes for themselves and required materials for the Pooja. They make home-made items made of harvested products like rice wheat etc. Newly produce rice are soaked and are male into paste-form. Into it a mixture of date fruits, nuts and crushed coconut are added and cooked to Laddoos. A traditional cake, Thekuwa, made of wheat is also prepared. Sattu ki Roti, Litti, Padas, Dahi and Chutney are also served to the guest.

According to the festival ritual, women, in order to prepare offerings should refrain themselves from eating cooked meals and wearing stitched clothes. They need to take bath and refresh themselves before entering the kitchen.

Place of Staying in Bihar

A number of staying options are developed in the major towns and cities of the State. Hotel Chanakya, Hotel Pataliputra, Maurya Patna, Hotel Samrat, The Royal Residency and lot more are furnished with best facilities, that add color to visitors holidaying here.

Reaching Bihar during Chhat Festival

By Air:

The Airport in capital Patna is connected by means of regular flights like Sahara Airlines with major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow etc.

By Rail:

Commuting network by train services under Indian Railways connects Bihar with major and minor cities and towns in India. Rajdhani Express, Shatabdi Express are a few to name.

By Road:

Both private and state owned buses connects national highways Nos: 2, 23, 28, 30, 31 and 33 with State Highways, thereby aiding visitors travel from one place to another in short span of time.

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