Bonfire in Jim Corbett National Park

  • Prim Resort: Rest your hectic day with your lovely companion in your private, warm and fun covered Bonfire.
  • Availability of the bonfire is subjected to weather condition.
  • Special Advisory: Avoid wearing nylons and Silk clothes near bonfire
  • Maintain a safe distance from fire and don’t allow kids to play near fire.

All treks, fun and adventure at your fun-filled trip would be incomplete if you haven’t spent a night with friends and loved ones doing nothing but boogieing around the fire. Yes! Bonfire is what we are talking about here. Lying beneath the starry sky, listening to music, dancing on the grooving beats, enjoying the roasted food, and sitting on the logs is an activity that every traveler at the picturesque landscape of Corbett should do at least once.

Bonfire in Corbett

Corbett- a destination that enhances the experience of grooving bonfire

If you are planning a trip to Corbett, then surely you know all about the beauty of the legendry landscape but experiencing it in real is a completely different experience. You will love walking around the forest trails, admiring the sparkling river beds, locating exotic animals moving in their natural habitat, indulging in some adventurous activities and so much more here. But what completes the package of a merry vacation is bonfire. After all you have come so far from your home town to enjoy the trip to the fullest with your companions, friends and spouse.

Go Yayee and Enliven the Moment

The fresh warm air at the bon fire gives you the pleasure of a warm enjoyable evening in the cold nights. You let loose yourself and relish the captivating fun-motivated atmosphere growing around you as the night proceeds. While you get some time to soothe your senses with melodious music playing in the background, some moments later you get to dance off all your stress with the captivating music. Bonfire is an activity that offers you a pleasant escape that you desired from the date you planned this mighty trip on. And the best part is that you do not have to go far from your abode or book a place to carry out this endeavor as bonfire is something that is organized by your very own resort.

Enjoy but be Safe

Though truly enjoyable, you should keep a safe distance from fire and avoid going near to it when wearing silk or nylon. Also, watch your kids and guide them to roast their marshmallows from a distance to have a safe evening filled with vigor.

Merry at the Bonfire at Your Lovable Resort: Prim Resorts- Corbett Adventure

Prim resort is perched in the quiet solitude of Ramnagar at Nainital road overlooking the lofty mountains of Nainital and providing walking distance to the unexplored forests of Corbett. The wonderful location makes it an ideal destination to unfold and relive the stress. The rustic cottages replete with luxurious amenities make the stay more enjoyable. Further, the staff is attentive, social and courteous keeping no stone unturned in addressing the wishes of the guests with optimum care. Moreover, the fantastic activities arranged here act like the cherry on the top.

All day long you could enjoy the trekking at the forest trails or unwind at the hotel’s adventure park and if not this, then of course you can spend some relaxing time at the swimming pool. But when the day ends and the sun sets, get ready because the bonfire is all set to greet you and offer you the time of your life. Arranged at the resort’s verdant garden you could not only experience the pleasantness of atmosphere but enjoy the solitude of night with your lovable friends. You can dance, indulge in tasty roasted dishes, listen to music, chat with strangers and with friends and forget the stress of everyday life. In short, Prim Resorts completes your journey and makes your wish to come again and again.

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